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Family Ski Day


We took Ellie out on the slopes today in the backpack. We had so much fun together. She did really well and seemed to enjoy herself. The lifty’s let us load on the chair as three so she could sit securely in the pack  right by Gary and I. She was quiet on the first chair ride up but by the last she was laughing and pointing at the trees and skiers. Gary took her down the first run. We did a groomer called “Main Street” off of the Collins lift nice and easy. She called out for me a few times until she could see where I was, not sure if it was anxiety driven or if she just wanted to keep tabs on me. I took Ellie down a couple of times on the last run it was just the two of us as Gary paid his dues to High Rustler. At the end of our run I took her down Lower Rustler, which is a little steep relative to the cat track we were on and she let out a big Whooooaaaa!. It was so funny she had me laughing all the way to the truck. At any rate I think she enjoyed the wind in her face, the swoosh of the snow, the bluebird sunny day, and all the great people in Alta who gave us nods and encouragement all day.

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  1. Leslie

    That is so great! You two are a good examples of how to keep the hobbies alive after children. The wee ones really are resilient and can go and do just about anything. She’ll be up and on her own two skiis in no time, can’t wait for that clip!

  2. Roxanne Brown

    You guys are awesome! I think I would be so worried about falling…although you both are pros when it comes to skiing. That is so fun to take her. Ryan went skiing this week and we were just talking about when to take our kids. I think Phoenix would be way too scared, Gabriel we could probably take next year. What is your advice regarding when they are old enough and ready. I want to give them the opportunity and make sure they have a possitive experience.

  3. What no comments from the Moms? 😉 Don’t worry we were totally under control every minute skiing with the wee one. In fact, what we were doing was MUCH safer than all the bike rides we took with Ellie last summer. I even rode her around (in the pack) on dusty roads, on my bike, up in Timberlakes! Got some funny looks, too.

    Honestly tho this was one of the most incredible days I can remember at Alta. It came together perfectly for my little girl’s introduction to a very spiritual thing for us…pure engagement with (and to) nature, physical exertion and appreciation for the mountains. And we did it as a family. She’s addicted already, I could see it in her eyes..

  4. Hey Rox thanks for the comment. I bet Phoenix could get on a pair of skis no problem. He is athletic and brave. I can tell from his Batman skills. Just is a matter of all the right circumstances like weather and such. Our friends just signed up their 4yr old son for lessons at the Canyons this year and he is doing really well. I know Sara has her girls in lessons at the Beav and its been a positive experience for them as well. Check out this little 4 year old ripper from Canada…

    she skis better than me… I can’t believe the videos I just watched on youtube one kid was 15 months old.

  5. denise petersen jorgensen

    That is just the most darling thing ever. I’ve kind of been following you through Charie’s blog and your family is so cute. Sounds like all is well with you guys and your darling daughter. Take care and keep in touch.

  6. grandma mckenney

    Well because I don’t know what to say other than yea for Ellie!! She will no doubt be on youtube next year on her own. LOVED the family moment day, that is what a family is all about. And yes it made me nervous but you two know what your doing.

  7. Angie

    How fun! You guys are awesome! I haven’t been up skiing forever. I don’t know if I would even remember how! Ellie will be ripping it up in no time 🙂

    Are you up for a visit down this way on February 11th? I was thinking of a lunch for Charie’s birthday. Let me know!

  8. meriam

    That’s how I want to ski! Tethered to someone!!
    Tried it once…got hit in the head with a chairlift as I was on the ground under it, slid on my butt down the hill and hung up my skis!!!
    Way to go Ellie! I am kinda jealous! Ü



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