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Finally! Some Green Grass


We have been able to show Ellie this week that there is so much more out there besides that cold white stuff. There are flowers, dirt, and green grass underneath all of of that. We still have a very small patch of snow remaining from the pile off our roof, but everything is finally starting to come alive up here in TL. Gary even planted a few things in our little garden patch. This morning was perfect for enjoying our breakfast outside and breathing in some fresh air the temperature was just right and the sun wasn’t too harsh. I love waking up in the morning and having coffee on the porch one of my favorite things. Gary has officially moved his office out there as well. The humming birds have shown up as well. I love hearing the whir of their little wings. So sweet


  1. Leslie

    I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on that little girl! She is so cute and by the way, I recognize that shirt! We too are having fab spring weather. Love to feel the sun on my face, flip flops on my feet and capri’s on my bod!

  2. Michelle

    What a little cutie pie! She is so darling! hooray for spring!!!!

  3. Danette

    I spoke too soon. It snowed three inches up in TL today and it is still falling down. Ellie and I got soaked when we went to story time at the Library today. We aren’t sure if Gary’s little garden can survive the night. Sigh…


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