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For all the Mama’s Out There (and Papa’s too)


This is a somewhat lazy post because I’m actually referring you all to someone else’s blog post from yesterday. I found this wonderful blog one day when I was surfing around in what I like to call the Etsy vortex. I tend to loose myself and and get bedazzled by all the crafty items and inspirations on this site. Anyhow one fine day I came across this very talented mama: Amanda Soule (SouleMama). I’ve been a little too bashful to post any comments to her site but man I really admire her skills. So please check out her blog and read her post titled “Acorns are Fun“:

Sometimes, we do chose to spend a little bit extra to have the toys/tools we like best – those that come from natural materials, those that leave room for imagination, and those that are made in a way that fits our values – but that also means we buy less, evening the cost in the end. Buying less also means we have less – which I believe is always more when it comes to toys and imagination and the growth of our little ones.

She sums up the philosophy on toys that Gary and I would like to take with raising Ellie. Pretty much she nails it, exactly what Gary has been trying to express to everyone about toys for babes. I’m off to buy some acorns now…


  1. Charie

    Loved this! Perfect for our special time (one on one) activities. My kids would totally get into making little people 🙂 Thanks for the link!

    Love you

  2. I really like this site. We have the same ideas about toys and have tried the last two years at christmas to go simple. This year we are doing a dress up chest and puppets. I think the boys will really like them. Thanks for the link.

  3. thanks Rox and Charie for the comments. I also like the go simple approach to Christmas. My sister does it well, she allows the girls to pick three gifts because that is the what baby Jesus received frankincense, myrrh, and uhmm dang it I forgot the third. Please excuse my blasphemy. Anyhow I’m going to borrow this tradition from her when celebrating future Christmases.


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