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Fun with Grandparents and First Ultrasound


Gary’s parents Bada and Papa traveled to Utah for a visit this past week. It was so nice to have them here and to have them see all that Ellie is doing now. I think they were surprised at how much she is talking. She does repeat everything we say. They spoiled us every morning with yummy cinnamon rolls from the hotels breakfast and Ellie got a little gift from them every day as well.

Bada and Papa were able to go with us Thursday to the first ultrasound. Which ended up being perfect timing since I didn’t realize until the day before that Ellie couldn’t come in with us and I didn’t have any baby sitting options. So they waited patiently with the Wee One as we got to see our baby for the first time. What an experience the first ultrasound is. I got emotional with Ellie and I was emotional this time as well. We discovered that we are going to have a little boy added to our family. There was no doubt about it. He is all healthy with a perfect little heart, stomach, face, and such. I am bummed because we are having technical difficulties with our scanner so I can’t post any of the ultrasound pics. I feel like my belly is getting bigger everyday. I’m starting to feel a little scrunched and uncomfortable, seems too soon but that has been the theme of this pregnancy.  He has been active too in fact we saw him practice his boxing during the ultrasound moving those wee arms. I have been feeling him moving around a lot lately mostly in the evenings.

Next up…

On Saturday Ellie and I met up with Grandma McKenney, Aunt Tamara, Summer, Parker, and Coleman for Disney Princess on Ice show.  We braved the storm to see all the beautiful princesses sing and dance around. It was worth it. Just watching the kids take it all in was a show in it’s self. We had a great time and Ellie’s eyes were so big she was in awe. At the end of the show as we were walking out she said to my Mom “That was so FUN!” So cute…

While Ellie and I were away. Gary, Papa, and Bada were hard at work putting together Ellie’s new bed. We upgraded her to a new twin bed. They did such a good job rearranging the room and putting the bed together. It was a nice surprise for Ellie and Mama to come home to. I was very thankful to have it done and get her room in order way before the boy is here so she doesn’t have to adjust to everything changing so suddenly. Her crib is still in the room ready for brothers arrival and she isn’t even phased by it. I guess wasn’t as attached as I thought. Big thank you to Bada and Papa for working on our wee house that day.


  1. Angie

    Congratulations!! What fun a little boy will be!

  2. Leslie

    Gotta love Disney, get’s em every time. Wish we could have joined in. I can’t believe all the snow!! We are still full of fall colors which is good since Mark is traveling a lot this next month! Congrats on a boy! I must admit I’m a little jealous but that just means I’ll have to come love on him more!


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