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Got Giggles?


I got to hang out with my high school girlfriends this weekend. It was good therapy. I came home a happy refreshed Momma, and I came home to this which made me even a happier Momma.

Owen is closing in on a year. Only about two months away. It all happens in a flash. He has started exploring speech lately and can almost say Adah. He is very aware of Adah and loves to snuggle and get tickled by her wet nose. Every other animal he see’s is an Adah too. He pulls himself up to stand every chance he gets and I think he will be walking soon. He is so very strong just needs to work on the balance. Every time we go to the grocery store all the ladies fall in love with him. I always get a comment on how cute he is. He is a big flirt and flashes a sweet smile at them all and dazzles  them with his big beautiful eyes. In fact the other day he had a bunch of Ladies giggling over him in the freezer aisle because of the way he was slouched in the cart with one arm slung over the back and and slightly leaning the opposite direction and he kept flashing his three tooth grin at them then checking with me to see if it was okay. Such a flirt.

His new favorite thing is the walker in the new house. There is room to move here. I think before he didn’t understand what the walker was for because it couldn’t be used to it’s full potential in the wee cabin. Now there is space to spread his wings and oh how he flies…


  1. Aunt Laurie

    I’m so happy that you got to spend some time with your friends! That sounds so wonderful. And you have such a fun house! I can just see Owen tearing up the floor with that walker! And Ellie is quite the spinner. She’ll have to be in some dance classes soon or something. I love to watch your videos. They bring a smile to my face!
    Love you all.


  2. angie

    What a cute laugh that little guy has!! Love all the room of your new home. Thanks for hanging out! It was such a great time to laugh and remember. 🙂

  3. Leslie

    Good for you! Glad you got to hang with the girls. My turn next! You are right about Owen, he’s going to be a lady killer! Good to see a bit of the new house!

  4. grandma

    His laugh is intoxicating I love it! He is a killer romeo.
    I am confused by the house , looked like the furniture is positioned very different from when I was there?
    Glad to see Gary getting the bedtime pj’s on .

  5. Michelle

    That is the cutest laugh! I love it! It was so good to see you the other night. We definitely need to do it more often!


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