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Grandma McKenney’s Summer Carnival Extravaganza


My Mom threw a summer party for the “local” Grandkids before she left for another adventure with the Frandsen crew in Germany. She put on a Carnival themed party complete with games, a sweet shop, and corn dogs. The kids had a blast and were very excited. I think they enjoyed every minute of it. Coleman summed it up when asked what his favorite part of the party was he exclaimed, “All of it!” Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died so I didn’t get too many pics but here are a few that I love…


  1. Bada

    OMG How Cute! Sherrie will you be my Grandma? 🙂

  2. Summer

    I know the kids had a blast! It looked like a ton of fun. Wish I could have been there. Fun stuff!

  3. Danielle

    Next time I am out there i would like to request a Granndma McKenney Carnival pleeeeaaaasssseeee!


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