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He’s a Hoot


Owen is officially one year old.  We celebrated this weekend in spite of his sister’s nagging ear infection. The party was postponed on Friday and then we reorganized.  We had a small celebration on Friday night just the 4 of us. Owen made us laugh as he explored his cupcake and opened some gifts.  He is such a character with the faces he pulls and jabber he makes.

He loved his cup cake. I found a great sugarless recipe for carrot cake  here

Grandma and Grandpa McKenney wrangled up the cousins, Aunt Tamara, Aunt Gay, and Grandpa Jackson. We had a little impromptu party Saturday afternoon. Owen put on a good show having conversations with Grandpa Jackson, attempting to walk, and just pulling funny faces and silly noises all day.

It was a great weekend and to top it all off Owen has begun walking.  Just a few steps at a time but he is determined. Just a little more practice and it will be a whole new world.


  1. grandma

    He is the perfectly cute one year old! I really think he knew it was his big day, he was so proud of all his accomplishments for the year!
    So glad we could come celebrate a little w/ him. LOVE YOU LITTLE “O”

  2. Danielle

    Glad Owen had a wonderful 2-day birthday celebration! 🙂

  3. angie

    He is so cute, Danette! Have fun with the new little walker. 🙂

  4. Leslie

    Sweet baby! I did the same thing, carrot cake for Bailey, but it was not taken well. It was by her, but everyone else, not so much! Wish we were there physically, but we were there in spirit! Go Owen, onto more and more milestones!

  5. Summer

    That was so fun being there on his b-day and to see the new house!we all had real good fun!(:

  6. Charie

    It was so fun to run into you in Park City. When it started raining our couple hours of shopping turned into an all day event. Pretty funny we thought we would shop for a couple hours. Rox had a big list of “to gets” 🙂 Twin isn’t great for shopping.

    Anyway I would love to get together. What is your week like next week?

    I love the video of Owen motoring around in his little walker 🙂 so cute!

  7. Bada

    I cannot get enough of watching this birthday celebration. I love you Owen!


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