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Did you notice the new Link Category over there in the side bar called Inspirations? It is an ever changing list of 6 random things I come across on the wonderful world wide web that inspire me, make me think, lighten my mood, and just plain old impress me. So to make my blog a little more interesting have a looks see at what I like.

Right now I’m head over heels for all 6 of the little links in there. Excuse me while I ramble a bit…

Wash Your Hands – It is hilarious come on admit it. Those little hands all served up on a plate has gotta make you smile and tickle your funny bone just a wee bit. This sort of creative little project is what makes me love Etsy.

Hello, little miracle – nothing like feasting your eyes on perfect little snowflake. Ahhh

Water – Gary and I know Lee from the Altafarian world. In fact Gary has been doing work on his website for him. He is well known for his ski photography and is extremely talented. This is my all time favorite Lee Cohen ski photo.  He captured a beautiful wave that is breathtaking. I love the greens and blues of the ocean.

Love Birds – I have a sweet spot for little handmade birds. Cute. Their eyes are smiling. Do you see that?

Winter – Some words to help you get through the remainder of the season.

Art – This one is my current favorite. There is so much I could say about it. The playfulness, the message, it’s brilliant. Just watch it.



  1. Man, that’s a hell of a cool new site Lee has 😉

  2. Angie

    I love the hand soaps. What a creative idea. The ski pictures were amazing as well. Thank you for the links 🙂 Are you in Germany?



  1. Utah Skiing Blog - Ski Bum Poet » Blog Archive » Be loyal to winter.. - [...] found this excerpt. I really like this and it has helped push through the winter here in Timberlakes. [...]

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