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Little Mermaid Ballet


For Christmas we bought Grandma tickets to see Ballet West the Little Mermaid. The date finally arrived and we got to have a nice little weekend in the city.

The ballet was fantastic. The costumes were brilliant and the talent was rich. Ellie was wide eyed and captivated the entire time. As was Momma and Grandma.

Before the ballet we wandered the crowded new shopping center in downtown. Ellie spied the Disney store and we promised we would stop in after the ballet. When the ballet was over she exclaimed “Ok now we can go to the Disney Store!”  Once we were there she set her sights on the Rapunzel doll and would not let go.

We had dinner at Lamb’s Grill it has been operating in downtown SLC since 1919 and still has it’s vintage charm. I had heard they have a delicious chocolate cake and indeed it was the highlight all 5 layers. Yum…

Sunday morning we went for a stroll to seek out breakfast and ended up back where we started as SLC is some what of a ghost town in certain areas on Sundays 😉

Owen and Gary had a good weekend together as well despite his middle of the night “where’s my Momma rant”.  We picked him up a new hat. I think he likes it.


  1. Sara

    What a fun outing!!!


    You did a wonderful job of writing just how lovely this little girls weekend was. Thanks for it all.
    O’ is stylin in that hat too!
    We will be ding it again soon!!

  3. Laurie

    That Disney Store is a dangerous place! We spent WAY too much time (and almost too much money) there. But I did come home with a new Mickey Mouse!!!!

    So glad you had a good time! I love the Ballet and that ballet company is EXCELLENT.

    These are great memories you’re making here.

  4. Leslie

    So fun! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to joining you within the next year. McKenna has 3 of the plush Disney princess dolls and I love them! They are so great, so much better than the Barbie style. I also love E’s little red poncho! We took the girls to the ballet in Mannheim and they were mesmerized. Should have thought through that it was Romeo and Juliet and there was a lot of crazy love, fighting and death, but anyhoo.

    Hey, how was the H&M? Bailey will be thrilled to know she won’t have to give up that store. We love H&M in Germany!!


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