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So, due to my lack of organization and highly developed ability to procrastinate I have a plethora of subjects to blab or blog about.

First up, I have to gush a little over our wee one who is growing like a weed. Seems we blinked our eyes and she hit some milestones. She is now enjoying feeding herself Cheerios. Gary and I are so entertained by this as we watch her study it then pinch it and bring it up to her mouth and get it in there every three or four tries. Chip and Adah are grateful for the new source of crumbs to mop up. This has also brought on a new daily ritual of vacuuming the house sometimes twice a day as she does not discern a piece of dirt carried in by the dogs from a Cheerio. Oh those dogs… She is now pointing at things too, which is nice to get clued in on some of her wants and makes Daddy’s heart melt when she points at him and then gives a big hug and tries to leap into his arms. She has finally overcome the challenge of sleeping through the night. Let me say this was the hardest obstacle I have ever delt with. Many many middle of the night melt downs by all three of us. We as first time parents made a few mistakes or created some habits, but Ellie is proving that she can adjust and we are learning that consistency is the key. Ellie is proving to be very strong as well she is pulling her self up to her feet and getting around the house very quickly thus keeping us on our toes. We’ve had a few incidents with a plant and the screen door but (knock on wood) were lucky and came through with no harm minus a beat up plant. She is also enjoying her bedtime routine of reading a book and is turning the pages of her favorite board book with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto. Finally she has picked up on giving things “hugs and loves” this mostly applies to her collection of stuffed animal and every once in a while she will lavish mom and dad with some “loves” as well. Whew, I am a gushing Mommy.

Next up… June has officially been deemed the month of Sarah. Gary’s youngest sister is full filling her adventurous spirit and drove across the country from NY to come stay with us for awhile. She arrived on Saturday and will be staying until the end of the month after Grandma Marcoccia comes out for a visit and they continue the adventure on back to NY. We are thrilled to have Sarah stay with us. She brings a much welcomed break to our daily routine. Ellie and I now have a cohort for our shopping, hiking, and playing adventures and Gary has another person to tease and pick on. Gary and Sarah also have this long running thing about coming up with the nastiest collections like scab cereal or farts in jars. Some kind of a sibling ritual I don’t know. Anyway, things are working out well for her. She has already managed to get a temporary job helping out a friend with her landscaping business and we are working up some ideas for different projects here in Timberlakes. I’m thrilled to have Sarah here in fact this morning I spied her guitar and can’t wait to sit out on the porch in the evening and listen to her share her talent. Sarah has a very creative spirit that seems to be contagious when she is around.

Finally… We had another visitor the other morning. He was cruising through the neighborhood seeing who had the best trees to nibble on. He noted the real estate sign at the top of the driveway. That’s the most interest we’ve seen on our house so far. Sigh…


  1. Bridge

    Wow… another moose! I really hope you get some offers on your house soon. It will take a lot of stress off of you.

  2. Laurie

    Ellie is so much fun!!! can’t wait to hug her again!!!
    Gary, I’m glad your sister is here. I’m sure she will have a GREAT time!!

    Thanks for keeping us updated!


  3. Charie

    I loved the mommy gushing! So glad you share it with your family and friends because it is so sweet to hear about Ellie. She is such a cute little thing. I loved the video. I always enjoy Gary in the background audio too. You are both such cute parents.

    I had to laugh at the moose comment. That stinks! Hope with the warmer weather you will have better luck soon.

    So fun to have some of Gary’s family there. Maybe someday if you get out East we will come up and get better acquainted 🙂

  4. I absolutely love hearing about your life as a mother. The gushing is very normal and so cute. I will have to say that she is totally worth gushing about…what a cutie. I thought it was so bitter sweet watching Phoenix grow up. It was cute and exciting and then it hit me that he was actually growing up. It all happens so fast.
    I bet you are loving the company. Sorry about the slow progress with the house…I guess you will have to stay, right! Okay wishful thinking but I do hope things work out soon.

  5. Sara

    Ellie could be on a Cheerios commercial. SHE IS SO CUTE! How fun to have Gary’s sister stay for a month. And I loved the moose picture. That is just so cool to have a moose roaming around outside in your yard!

  6. Angie

    Hey Danette! What a doll Ellie is! You are a wonderful mother! I sent you an email, but I have a feeling it is probably stuck in your spam. I got your blog and email address from Charie. It is good to hear everything is going well in your life. Check out your spam.

  7. Leslie

    Ha Ha, funny post about the moose. People will come and buy, just have to be patient. How can you not fall in love with the cab!

    I’m afraid my wish will not be granted and little Ellie will be walking by the time you get here. That makes me sad, but she will also be highly entertaining at that point too. I’ll take you any way, any time I can.


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