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More Birthday Fun


Much like Ellie’s Birthday the fun just keeps on rolling. I meant to put up videos with the post yesterday, but with my foggy head due to Owen’s post summer cold sleep schedule I forgot. So, here you go:

and one last one for good measure of Ellie reading to her baby

On Monday her true Birth Day. We invited our neighbors Zak and Jen to join us at the splash pad. Ellie and Zak had a ball sans the scrapes and bruises from slips and falls. Ellie is timid around the water in true girly form not wanting to get water in her face. Zak showed her how its done by charging through the fountains and sticking his face right in it no matter how cold it was. Boy vs. Girl through and through. We topped off the afternoon by visiting the bounce houses at the PCMR. Their favorite hands down. Pure three year old bliss.

I’ve been thinking about the last year with Ellie as I’ve been waiting for pictures and videos to download for this post and I have to say She takes my breath away. She is so smart, beautiful, innocent, and loving. I don’t think I’ve shared how she comes up to us randomly and tells us how she loves us. “I wob you” is how it comes out. I get tingles every time. At night when we are settling for bed if you lay down with her she snuggles right up and hugs and it is so wonderful. She makes my life so much more rich and I am a luck Momma.


  1. Sara

    Oh! She is just so cute! Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!

  2. Laurie

    I “wob” her too!

    Looks like you all had a fantastic BD party!

    So many birthdays this week with Ellie and Jackson and Brandon all turning a year older this week! Fun, fun, fun!

    Love you all!
    Aunt Laurie

  3. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    I love this pic:)

  4. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    What fun everyone had on your birthday Ellie! Mommy made you a beautiful cake and dress. Did you have fun splashing Daddy? Sarah and I want to know who is going to have that pink bumble cupcake??
    Beautiful job on the party Grandma Sherrie and Grandpa Paul.

  5. Leslie

    Good stuff! I think you are a lucky momma too!

  6. angie

    Looks like a great birthday! Love the cake. 🙂


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