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More Summer Time Stuff


Ellie has Allergies….
This is how we feel about it…

But we are dealing with it.
Poor Girl

On the bright side, we had another beautiful sunset
Gary took the pics this time

We love our camera.
On a side note, I met up with a long lost good friend from High School and beyond today, Angie Hamond and her three cute kids. Turns out we don’t live very far from each other. Unfortunately I forgot my camera 🙁 We had a good visit though Ellie took to her little girl Brooke and they had a hug fest at the end of the visit. It was pretty cute. Anyways thanks Angie and hopefully we can get together again soon Husbands and all.


  1. Sara

    Allergies suck! Poor little girl!!!

    How fun that you got to see Angie!

    When are you coming up here again? Anytime soon?

  2. Our next trip to Cache Valley will be to drop the grandogs off at my parents for a visit while we go to Germany. I’ll have to give you a call. We should get together again soon before the summer slips away.

  3. Leslie

    Sweeeet! The countdown continues. We have been making a list of things to do. Today I added to it, Mark and I went to Stuttgart but got rained out and Mark came down with a nasty bug, SO we’ll go back but we’ll wait for you!

  4. Danielle

    Poor Little Ellie! She looks so sad!

  5. Angie

    Poor Ellie. I could tell she was miserable on our picnic. I already told Steve we are heading to Heber when you get back from Germany. We can’t wait! It was so good to visit with you. I will email you the pictures I took. Brooke is still talking about cute little Ellie!

  6. Michelle

    Oooh! Those pictures are so sad!!! Poor little Ellie. :o(

  7. meriam

    What a sad little girl! I hope she has some big smiles soon!!
    She certainly is a McKenney!! She looks just like Dannette did when she was a baby!
    Beautiful pictures Gary!


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