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NY Heat Wave


We took a two week trip back to see the Marcoccia’s. It was a great trip with lots of quality family time. We were able to finally meet baby Griffin for the first time. We also were able to enjoy Sarah and Will’s wedding. Plus we threw in a little bit of the Grassroots Festival and Farmland. We experienced an east coast heat wave while we were there. It was brain melting hot. Hot like I have never experienced sticky humidity with relentless high temperatures. I kept thinking it would break in the evenings and cool down but oh no relentless I tell you. Thank goodness for Bada and Papa’s pool.  I think Ellie’s feet were about to become webbed and some gills were going to form. She loved it in there and begged anyone who was willing to take a dip with her. I think aunt Jill spent 4 straight hours with her after the wedding events. Owen enjoyed the pool too it took him a little while to get used to it but he warmed up.  Ellie quickly got to know the new chickens at Bada and Papa’s and helped them get nice and plump along with the fish in the pond and the ducks that visit.

Bada and Papa have an electric toy race car that Ellie loved driving around. I think Owen was a little envious. Bada and I caught them taking a ride in it together one day.

Next up are the pictures I took at Farmland. We visited this sweet little farm when we were out last October and Ellie loved it. She fell in love with Sonny the Pony so we had to back and see how he was doing. Owen was a little overwhelmed by all the animals…


the end



  1. Leslie

    Looks like a great week! Wish we could have taken a couple of degree’s of heat from you. Our summer was short and sweet. The dress turned out so pretty!! You and mom did a great job. We are hoping to see more pictures of the wedding. Miss you!

  2. Bada

    Oh I love looking at all the heated fun we had! Miss you all so much!!!!!

  3. Tamara

    The dress was awesome!! Ellie looked so cute in it! The farm place looked fun. Seeing the turkey made me hungry:) Have fun!

  4. Danielle

    love the pics!!! they are all so great… and like bada I miss you all too!!!


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