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I smashed my toe today. I was carrying a chair down the hallway so I could use it for a step stool to reach the deep dark places of the closet where I tend to stuff things away. (out of sight out of mind) and as I approached the narrow space the chair legs bumped the couch and knocked it out of my hands and the end of the chair leg fell right smack on my middle toe. I tried to walk it off, and eventually sat down on the floor holding my toes and rocking for a bit then I tried to tuffen up but it wouldn’t stop throbbing so I broke down into tears. I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance but this HURT. I think I cried for a half an hour Whaaaa. Ellie was sleeping through the whole thing and Gary was out for a bike ride. I wasn’t going to call him but it started to swell and the hurt wasn’t going away. So needless to say his ride was cut short and he came home to my rescue. He was good to me got me some ibuprofen and took Ellie to go run some errands ie dinner and treats to cheer up with. Things have calmed down now and I can walk on it and such I think I just smashed it pretty good. Man those little toes are sensitive…

On the lighter side here are some picture of a little hike we took in the Uintas last weekend…

Toe Update

looks worse than it feels…


  1. Sara

    Ouch is right! That looks like it really hurt!!! I just sliced the end of my finger last night with a knife. It’s amazing how such a little thing can hurt so much. Hope you are walking okay.

  2. Laurie

    Are you sure that’s not broken?
    I’ll join you in pain too. I have been home all weekend babying a very sore mouth and a very swollen face after having incisions made in my gums to drain an infection, having a tooth pulled and a root canal started on another tooth. OUCH is right!
    When do we all get together for ice cream?
    The bright side to my ordeal is that it’s a GREAT weight loss program! Can’t eat anything!
    Danette, I hope you are feeling better soon. Please go make sure it’s not broken! That really looks painful!

  3. Laurie

    The hike looks GREAT though! What a beautiful picture of the scenery up there! And Ellie looks like she was having a great time in the first pic and so peaceful in the second pic of her. Love you all!


  4. Dee Ann Davidson

    So sorry about your accident. Are you sure it is not broken? Crying helps — even though being tough is overrated. Take care of yourself.

  5. leslie

    Hey, no need to do that to get a break!!!! Just kidding. That really looks sore and you are tough, I wouldn’t have waited for backup. You pictures of the hike were great, your photography is really blooming. Plus I enjoyed your Rhine River post, especially the little graphic of the map of the Rhine, such a cool idea! Miss you!

  6. DeeAnn, after hearing the story about your broken foot I feel silly for complaining about a sore little toe 🙂 I hope you are doing well and recovering quickly. Crying did help

  7. grandma mckenney

    OH man that looks like it did hurt! So are you laying low today or continuine with your plans?
    Let the big man pamper you for a day

  8. Kim

    OUCH!!!!! That looks ugly!! I hope it heals soon 🙂

  9. >> So are you laying low today or continuine with your plans?

    We’re trying to decide now whether we want to go to the junior rodeo in Francis. It’s pretty chilly, and another ominous cloud looms. More rain would be fine with us, but we don’t want to sit out in it 🙂 might be fun though to watch the little kids get bucked off sheep into the muck :))

    BTW I left the dog bowls out last night. One had just under two inches of water in it, the other had just over two inches. I’m calling it an even two inches of rain last night!

    As for the toe, D’s tough as nails. Probably have to put her feet in crocs only for a few days, but the swelling should go down soon. She can’t be faded by this kind of thing. Already crawling, squatting and otherwise rolling around on the floor for family play time 🙂

  10. grandma mckenney

    Yea she is tuff, but a day of pampering still is OK!!

  11. Angie

    I dito everyone above: OUCH! How is the toe doing? At least you got some really good pictures of it 🙂 Your hike looked amazing. I have never actually been to the Uinta Mnts. I would love to go some day!

  12. Grandma Marcoccia

    Oh Danette –that looks horrid!!! Are you sure you shouldn’t have it check? You are as tough as nails, but crying is always a good thing, for one thing or another. But I am sure you will get tender loving care no matter what. Don’t push yourself.
    Hugs and Kisses

  13. You are a trooper Danette. It looks like you have been very busy and had some fun adventures in Germany. What a cool opportunity. Ellie is so dang cute and growing fast. I love these pictures of her…we have the same outfit (white with purple stripes) for Sophia and she already grew out of it. I was bummed because it is so cute.
    I will try and send out good real estate vibes to you and Charie. Although you will be moving farther away…hmmm I don’t think I like that. I do wish you luck.


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