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Second Hand, Second Chance


I went to the dentist yesterday, found out I have to get a root canal (ugh my first one). So I was feeling sorry for myself and in an effort to cheer up I stopped into my favorite second hand store in Heber. It’s a great little shop on Main Street called “Second Glance”. I totally scored! and I’m so excited about my little treasures I wanted to share them with you all. My favorite is the little ceramic owl. It holds a tea light so its belly can glow in the wee evening hours, ahh. Also got a fab book for Ellie ” The Saggy Baggy Elephant” the elephants name in the book is Sookie, I love it. Once I got it home I found out it’s missing a page or two, but we can work with that, just make up what we think happens and maybe when Ellie is older she can add her own pages. Oh, and check out that little clay pot with the birdie, so precious. Twenty bucks well spent.


  1. Sara

    The root canal experience. YUCK! I had to have one done a few years ago and hope to never have to do it again. There is something just so creepy about the whole thing. Cute Owls!

  2. Charie

    Cool finds! You would have loved Portland Oregon. They have THE BEST garage sales ever. Pretty much every piece of furniture or other piece in our home is second hand. We love too. I have heard it hasn’t quite taken off in Utah but it is great in Oregon and pretty good here too. We have gotten tons of great furniture. I was known in Oregon by friends to be the weekly garage saler 🙂 hauling all my kids with me 🙂

  3. Leslie

    SWEEEET! Love the second hand shops, for me it usually takes about 3 times in before I get a diamond in the rough. The best thing I found this year was a loft bed for Bailey for $25!

  4. Sarah

    ohhh I love owls…:) great choice! Looks like a northern saw-whet portrait!


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