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Settling In


Well we have united with the Marcoccia clan and are settling in. Tuesday was one of the longest days of my life. I think we put in about 12 hours in the truck. When we crossed the boarder into Pennsylvania Ellie went into hysterics crying and screaming so we pulled into a rest stop so she could get out of the car seat and calm down. Once we were all settled and on the road again my hormones and exhaustion kicked in and I started crying I was really trying to fight it back, but the tears flowed for a few minutes. Gary was good and soothed me back to a calm reasonable person. When we crossed into New York state I felt much better it was like we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was getting butterflies in my stomach when the roads and towns started to look familiar. We had had enough of the loud over bearing semis, wet and snowy roads, stressed out dogs, and interstate freaks.

It’s good to be at Gary’s parents they are taking good care of us. Linda had a pot of her homemade marinara sauce with fresh tomatoes from their garden, meatballs, and sausage ready to go for us. Our room was set up so nice and cozy and Grandma Marcoccia was prepared with a huge box of toys for Ellie’s enjoyment as well as open arms to hold her with all night and give momma a nice needed break. Ahhh the luxuries of home.

Ellie is a little out of sorts what with the time change and a new environment to get used to. She has been fighting sleep and has found her scream. Yesterday we had a ruff time of it, but today so far so good. She did reach some milestones though, while we were on our trip she had her first real giggle and laugh. Aunt DeeAnn got to see and hear it. She has been trying hard to roll over from her back to her belly she kicks her leg and turns her head, but can’t quiet get around her shoulder and arms, but I think she will do it any day now.

We are still trying to get our wireless router set up so we can access the internet via the lap tops so until then the post may be few and far between. Hopefully we will get it sorted out soon. Wish us luck…

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