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Solstice Storm


Just sharing a few pictures I took yesterday of our snow pack. We are definitely having a “White Christmas” this year. Enjoy…

Grill, garbage, recycleing on the back porch not the best photo subject but it gives an idea of our snow totals

Hen House

accumulation on the trees

can you see the perfect little triangle?

Ellie finding the car

can you find Adah?

Happy Solstice Everyone


  1. Aunt Laurie

    Wow. May I share this blog post on my FB?

  2. sure go ahead Laurie

  3. angie

    That is some serious snow!! I’m sure it is still coming down up there. Have a great Christmas, Danette!

  4. Tamara

    No fair! My kids are so jealous. You can still see our grass and the only thing we get a lot of is fog and bad air. They say we are going to have a white new year instead of a white christmas. Have fun!!

  5. Summer

    no far! I want that snow. and i think i found Adah. was it way out there in the snow? its raining all day here now! i thought there was a lot of snow when we visited! well Merry Christmas!

  6. Summer

    no fair. sorry

  7. Leslie

    Wow, Germany’s got nothin’ on you! We planned a little Christmas Eve party but 1/2 our folks couldn’t get here because of snow, but the amount of snow would make you chuckle compared to this.


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