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State Fair


Yesterday we took a trip down to Salt Lake for the Utah State Fair. We had a good time checking out the “Carni” rides, farm animals, and blue ribbon winners. Ellie was funny, we got her on a couple of the small rides like the train and merry-go-round. She seemed excited as we approached the rides but froze as soon as they would start. Then when it all ended she would be back to herself and clap and talk about it. We tried to get her to ride a pony as well but she wouldn’t leave the safety of her Daddy’s arms. She was happy to walk with the pony for a bit though. She was interested in the animals pointing, oohing, and razzing at them. We visited some goats, sheep, cows, and pigs. Awe the fair what an iconic American experience…


  1. grandma mckenney

    What a fun and nostalgic day at the State Fair, BUT fried P.B. & J . NO WAY

  2. leslie

    No kidding, it’s iconic! The closest thing over here are the kerwe (care-a-vau), local village celebrations; lots of rides and food booths (aka processed meat) but missing the animals and blue ribbons. Love the whole feeling of the fair!


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