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Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy


We have been thoroughly enjoying the summer these past few weeks. Thus the lack of posts… Much to my disappointment I have neglected to pull out my camera but I do have a few fun pictures to share.

Gary and I enjoyed a weekend sans the Wee One. Thanks to my parents who so graciously volunteered to babysit and watch over the granddogs. We took the opportunity to stay in our old stomping grounds Little Cottonwood Canyon. We stayed at the Iron Blossom in Snowbird and treated ourselves to some good Mountain Music and a lovely dinner at the Shallow Shaft in Alta.  The next morning we met up with our friends Jesse and JJ and other fellow mountain bikers to ride the Crest Trail. The Crest Trail is a Utah classic. We made it 26 miles total from the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon all the way down to Mill Creek Canyon and out of Mill Creek via the Pipeline Trail. I took a little spill as though I was sliding into home plate and banged up my elbow and hip. Other than that it was an excellent day spent in a beautiful place with good people.

The next morning while Gary and I were still recouping from the ride and had cloudy heads we had an incident with Ellie, keys, and truck. I was watching her play in the back seat as I sat in the front seat. I got out to join her in the back and closed the door and right away realized the doors were locked and my bag with the keys was on the floor. Gary’s keys were inside the truck as well. So, Gary had to break the back window and I had to crawl in and unlock the door. It didn’t scare Ellie I think she thought we were playing a game with her. At any rate it was a mess but our daughter was safe.

Ellie and I also took a trip up to Cache Valley to spend some time with my parents and my brother’s family. We took a little hike on the Logan River trail and enjoyed a picnic at First Dam. Then went to Grandma’s to run in the sprinklers and swim.


In between all this we have been visiting the Farmer’s Markets in Heber and PC. We have also been enjoying the Park Silly Sunday Market too. I love this stuff and wish it could last all year. Gary picked up a little charcoal grill and we have been enjoying his cooking as well.

Finally, yesterday Ellie and I met some friends at East Canyon Reservoir. It was a beautiful hot day and we all got our fair share of the sunshine vitamin. Our neighbor Jen and Zack joined us as well. Zack and Ellie are only a few months apart and they are becoming good buddies at one point as Zack was enjoying lounging in the water with his Mom while Ellie stood at the shore waving and saying “Hay Zack!” and he would answer back “Hi Ellie”. Oh the simple little things that please us Moms.

Our little swimming/beach adventure is just a little warm up for what lies ahead as we are headed to NY on Saturday to visit all the Marcoccia’s, and attend Gary’s 20th High School reunion. We have rented a cottage on Keuka Lake for one week with Gary’s parents and we are absolutely looking forward to this vacation. Hopefully I will be able to put up a post while we are there but until then keep up the easy Summer livin’.


  1. angie

    Have a ton of fun in NY! It sounds like you are having a fun summer full of adventures!

  2. Leslie

    So glad to get a look at what you all are up to! I have been out of the loop for a bit. Ellie is growing up so much, looks like her hair is getting longer! That cracks me up about Ellie charging through the sprinkler. When McKenna was that age she couldn’t stand to have her face wet. We can’t even have a sprinkler experience here, Germans do not run the water at. all. (it rains enough) and if you do, it is a travesty. BUT last summer our neighbor who has adopted our children as his own grandchildren cheated and let us hook up a slip and slide. Unfortunately, just like everything else over here, the hose ends didn’t match. At least we tried!

  3. Danette!
    I just stumbled upon your blog when I was looking at Angie’s. I haven’t seen you in so long! Cute little girl. It sound like you have had a fun summer, with lots of hiking. I miss that living in Arizona. We don’t hike much. You will have to check out my blog sometime. Maybe we can stay in touch more.

  4. Michelle Moffitt Lundberg

    I forgot to leave you my blog address:

  5. Sara

    Your pictures of Ellie are so cute! She is extremely photogenic and adorable! I hope you are having an awesome time in NY. I have also locked the keys in the car with Cassie in it….not the best experience to have. It totally freaks you out! Have a great and safe trip!!!


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