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The First Trimester


We are officially through the first trimester of our second pregnancy. I realize that I have not acknowledged our little big news on the blog although we have announced it over Facebook and we couldn’t keep it from our family for more then a week. We told Gary’s parents the night we arrived in NY and I had only taken a test a few days before we left.

We are approximately 15 weeks along and the baby is due the end of March. We have been able to listen to a wee heart beat already on our first visit to the Midwife. My belly is starting to pop and you can start to see it now. I’ve been feeling it since day one though. Right away back in July the morning sickness came on and it came on strong. Nauseous day and night. I think Gary would agree that there has been some moodiness.  I wont leave out the overwhelming tiredness too. I go to bed not long after Ellie goes to bed.

It is getting better though the nausea is starting to fade a little. It visits me in the evening when I’m spent and done with my day. My appetite is starting to come back to me. The familiar cravings for sweet stuff like brownies or cookies is coming back to me. Although I can only handle a bite or two. Which is probably a good thing. I stopped the morning ritual of coffee and replaced it with Cheerios or Bran Flakes. But oh how I miss my warm mug of wakeful goodness. It is interesting how your body rejects things like coffee, and empty calorie snacks when you are prego. Cauliflower sounds delicious to me today and I never eat cauliflower. Hmmm…

Our next appointment with our midwife is on the 12th of October. I am going to try to be diligent about journaling this pregnancy. There will be belly pictures like we did with Ellie. So stay tuned…


  1. Angie

    I love your LITTLE belly! I am glad the sickness is getting a bit better! Thank you for your thoughts sent our way!

  2. Congratulations! Ellie looks thrilled!

  3. Sarah B.

    aww, look at the belly and Ellie! Now I guess I shouldn’t call her Ellie belly anymore, it might get confusing. And don’t worry, that special red mug will be waiting for you at the end of March! Love You!

  4. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    I am so excited!! You look great Danette.

  5. Leslie

    Such sweet shots! Love it all and now that it is out we can talk about it openly!!! Yippee!! SO SO glad to hear the “all day long” sickness is subsiding, such a pain in the . . . . belly!


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