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The Pile Up


This picture was taken in October little did we know what we had in store…

These pictures were taken yesterday and February has just begun…

This is our “garden spot” in the backyard. The fencing that is just peeking out is about 4 feet tall.

Finally, here is our Subaru I think that its safe to say its going to have a long winters nap sleep tight little Subi we will see you in the spring…


  1. Laurie

    Wow! It’s pretty up there! Glad you have the snowmobile!

  2. I need to take pictures of my house like this. From the snow plow we have these HUGE snow banks. Taller than me… even though that isn’t hard.

  3. Leslie

    Wow! Can’t wait to show the girls, they have never had a snow experience like that. Bailey would be in heaven. Keep warm and enjoy the view.

  4. Just had to chime in and 1) mention IT’s SNOWING AGAIN – Yippee! and 2) that I did some research and although we’re not as fortunate here in the Uintas, Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon received over 220″ of snow for the month of January! Incredible.

  5. Charie

    The before and after pictures are truly awesome! How beautiful…I am in complete envy of your surroundings. We really need to get back west! Not that it isn’t beautiful here…it really is but WOW…gotta love that snow!

  6. Brent



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