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Tulip Festival Utah Style


Grandma McKenney treated Ellie and I to a girls get-a-way this weekend. We met up on Friday for some shopping of course we hit two malls and found Mom a great dress that looked lovely on her for baby Tamia’s blessing day. I picked up a few goodies from the Body Shop and some new bath towels. So excited to have nice new fluffy bath towels. Anyway after the shopping extravaganza we headed to Thanks Giving Point where Mom had booked us a room at the Marriot close by. Once Ellie got settled in and asleep we pampered ourselves with foot soaks and facials. Ahhh just what I needed. Oh and we had some dessert to indulge from our lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummy.

The next morning we ventured over to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival. Unfortunately due to the cold weather around these parts the Tulips and such had not peaked yet, but there were a few brave flowers making a showing and it was a beautiful day. Perfect for a stroll around the gardens and a nice lunch on the patio. Ellie received many compliments on her cute yellow sweater. I must say she did look adorable like our own little baby chic. She seemed very content strolling around looking at the flower and buds ready to make their Spring time showing. I think we may have to make a trip back in a week or two so we can see the gardens in their full glory.

Now to see what it’s like to experience a real Tulip Festival go to my sister’s Blog where she has posted about their travels last weekend to Amsterdam.


  1. meriam

    I LOVE Thanksgiving Point. You have to go in the summertime. The gardens are beautiful! The petting zoo is our kids favorite thing and the lights at Christmas time are amazing.
    Glad you had a fun time with your mom. Ellie is getting so big. We need to get all those babies that were born last summer together and take a few pictures. Four babies in 1 month! OH MY!

  2. grandma mckenney

    I have to agree it was just what I needed too! Thanks Danette for coming with me. The 2 pictures that Danette has posted were the ONLY flowers out that day of 55 acres of beds. The walk was nice just to see the SUN! Not a person went by that didn’t comment on how cute our little Ellie is, but we all know that .

  3. Leslie

    You did it right! Flowers, shopping, and some pampering is what makes a perfect girls weekend. Just wish I had been there too. Your flower pictures are fun! Ellie does look cute in that sweater, it helps that she has dark hair to contrast it. I really love the fish shot and the gazebo angle up to the sky. Someday we’ll all have a weekend together!

  4. I love Thanksgiving Point. It is just amazing!

  5. Michelle

    How fun to have a 3 generations of girls weekend! That’s so fun! Glad you had a good time. Ellie is a doll!!! I love that yellow sweater.


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