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Week 34


Yep, we are on 34 weeks now. Just had a midwife appointment and all is well, good blood pressure, good weight gain, measuring right on target, and a strong heart beat from the little fellow. I’m attempting to mentally prepare myself as well thinking about how I want the labor to go and facing what ever fears come and go. I would like to have a natural birth this time around with no Pictocin what so ever. I’m not saying I wont get an epidural I don’t think that I am super women but I think that the less medicated the labor and birth is the better. So I want to give it my best effort. I want to let my body do it’s job and I want it to be a beautiful experience.

Bada and Aunt Danielle have bought their tickets to come help support us and be here for Ellie. Hopefully we will get the timing right. I’m looking forward to having them here with us. My Mom, Dad, and neighbor Jen are on call in case the timing isn’t right.  I’m so thankful for the support system we have makes me feel very good.

In trying to prepare Ellie and I took a trip to the library yesterday. We picked up some books for Ellie about new babies and families. I also picked up some name books for Gary. He is starting to get stressed out about names. I’m not too worried it will come to us when we see the little fellow. I picked up some books on birthing. One book in particular we had a chuckle over last night it was a little dated and seemed as though some hipppie wrote it long ago. It had some really graphic pictures in it. That I kind of wish my brain didn’t take the time to process. You know the kind that make childbirth look like a horror show. It also had recommendations for conditioning and preparing for labor, like squatting and such, according to this book and the pictures your supposed to do all these exercise naked with the assistance of your partner who is supposed to be in 70’s style short shorts with white trim. Hmm… Also Gary read that I’m not supposed to sit in cushy chairs. My reply “Do you want to sit in a stiff hard wooden chair after a long day of carrying around an extra 25 plus pounds?” I don’t think so. Needless to say I took that book back to the library today.

Here is a few nuggets from Ellie. We all know she is a fan of Elmo and his songs and Gary and I are fans of Adam Sandler and his funny songs. So, when we saw the two of them do a skit on Sesame Street we were all very happy and it has resulted in this


“This is a song about Ellie” She plays the uke better then me!!!

Also, her new favorite spot for watching a movie


  1. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    Oh Danette, that was a great update on how you and the family are preparing for the big day. Ellie is so much fun to watch and I am sure she keeps your mind light:) these days. I cannot wait to get there. I am sure everything will work out fine.
    Love you all!!

  2. Sara

    You are looking so awesome!!! Cute pregnant woman!

  3. angie

    You look great!! You are on the count down. Would you be up for a little shower? I thought it would be fun to meet in Salt Lake and have lunch or something. I figure SL would be a little closer for Logan attendees. Let me know what you think. 🙂

  4. Leslie

    Looks like the performance bug went through all the bloodlines. Wait til your little Ellie meets up with my diva’s. There will be a show, I feel it. You look really good, plus that is a fabulous skirt! =) We will be sending all our positive vibes through the cosmic soup to help settle your soul. You’ll do great! You can’t possibly be worse than me when it comes to pain so there is that. Here is a name for you: Thelonius. It is some famous musician and the name of our first fish! Ha HA.

  5. Leslie

    And just so you know, I got stuck on the Tube for 30 minutes watching Sesame Street and my kids were already off to school . . . can’t really consider that a waste of time, can you??


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