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Weekend in Logan


We had a surprise party for my Grandpa Jackson last Saturday. He just turned 89 years young. I think he did get a bit of a surprise. Gary took these pictures as everyone greeted him singing Happy Birthday. I love the last one…

My parents hosted the party at their home. It was an excellent party with a really good turn out. We had a good time catching up with our cousins. Seeing all the great grandchildren together was awesome. My how we have grown. Mom had all the great grand kids paint rocks for Grandpa’s flower garden. Ellie enjoyed herself and was caught “touching up” a few rocks a little while later. (Ahem, our apologies to the other Artist’s)

On Sunday Gary and I biked the Jardine Juniper trail in Logan Canyon. I love this trail although it is quiet a climb. 1850 vertical feet to be exact and about 11 miles round trip.  Gary was impressed I think. He has been doing a lot of biking in Park City on his single speed 29’er.  I think this ride challenged him a little. As for me, well, I did it. I didn’t walk my bike. I couldn’t stay awake on the way home and I was cranky on Monday because I was still tired and a little sore. I did enjoy myself though and hey what is to be expected after a two year hiatus. I really should be on my bike more.

The 3,200 year old tree was impressive and majestic as it always is. Gary had to walk down and touch it. I must say it is pretty incredible to think that this crazy tree has been alive for over 3000 years.

I also wanted to share some photos of a hike Ellie and I did a few weeks ago in Dutch Hollow. It has been really nice in the Hollow the last few weeks with all the rain and such.  A lot of flowers have been making their appearance for the summer. I was happy to see the state flower in full force putting on a show. I think it might be my new favorite. It really is a gem of a flower…


  1. Laurie

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures… It was such a memorable day.. And Dad is STILL talking about it! He put the rocks in the front garden standing up against the house… He’s going to make some sort of shelf to put them on there in order to see them better, but they look great! And he is so proud of them!
    The pictures of your hike in the Hollow are BEAUTIFUL!!!! How lucky you are to live in that area. Thank you for sharing.

    Love you,
    Aunt Laurie

  2. grandma mckenney

    Thanks for all your help, couldn’t have done it w/out the 3 of you.
    It was a great surprise and a great day.
    Love , love the flower pics & of course the last pic of Ellie is priceless.
    Glad you could show off the ever popular to cache valley , Juniper Tree!

  3. Leslie

    I’ve been stalking your blog waiting for these pictures. Looks like a great success, all of it!

  4. Sara

    Fun time!! Way to go on the bike ride. Logan Canyon is so beautiful right now. These pictures look awesome!

  5. angie

    Wow! I get tired just hiking to the tree! I am impressed! Love the great pictures. 🙂

  6. michelle

    The birthday party was wonderful!!! It was so good to have almost everyone together! And to have the kids play was so fun! Love the pics and I am SUPER impressed with your bike ride! Way to go!

  7. Meriam

    I love the picture of the Sego Lily. I have only seen one in my life and that was at Arches. How lucky you are to live in all that peace and beauty!
    The party was fun and your Mom is a great hostess!

  8. charie

    I am so impressed with the bike climb! Doesn’t surprise me of you though…you were always tough as nails (physically) and sweet as could be (personality wise). Its a great combination!

    So excited for Ellie’s birthday!


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