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Weekending with the Spiro’s


Jodi and KC invited us up to the family cabin in Swan Valley Id over 4th of July weekend. The cabin is just across the dam on the Palisade reservoir. It was beautiful up there. Perfect mild weather, with a little thunder storm to top it off the second night. Owen was a bit of a challenge as he was just getting over a mystery illness where he had a fever for 4 days with no other symptoms. He was out of his comfort zone and in a new place. He didn’t sleep well the first night. He eventually snapped out of it after a few naps and cuddles and “get to know you” with Jodi and KC. I think the boy has inherited some separation anxiety from Chip 😉 Ellie and Jodi enjoyed swimming in the reservoir despite the log/stick jams and such. Jodi and KC are so great with our kids. Ellie told Jodi she was her “big best friend” at one point and made her read Good Night Moon and put her to bed each night. Gary and I enjoyed the peacefulness of a cabin in the woods and the company of our friends. It was a beautiful weekend.

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  1. Danielle

    Looks beautiful!


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