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We’re Home


We made it home Monday evening after an extremely long day driving through Colorado and Utah. I can’t say the trek back home was any easier on us. It was smooth sailing until we met up with the “Monster Storm” in Colorado. I-70 was closed so we took a detour onto highway 40 through Steamboat Springs and Vernal. It was beautiful country but the stress of the snowy conditions on the road trumped all that and the fact that we just wanted to get home. Ellen did well she didn’t seem to fuss as much, perhaps she understood more the woes of road trips and that sometimes you just have to deal no matter how bad your back aches from sitting so long. She is such a good baby. I learned that she loves it when you blow on her feet I got many frowns to turn into smiles with that trick. I also went to town on my little knitting project there will soon be a scarf to show off. Chip and Adah once again got the luxury of riding up front in the warm cab for the last 150 miles. Once the sun goes down the bed of the truck turned into an ice box we didn’t want to torture the dogs too much so we all crammed into the cab. Chip did look at me with grateful eyes. Adah was over it 50 miles before she even got in the cab and she panted a nice rhythm for us all the way home. Gary was a trooper as well, he focused on getting us there safe and sound. He drove like a champ the entire time only to have come home and face a waist high pile of snow in the driveway ugh, but he persevered and dug out just enough room for the truck at the end of the drive until we could get a plow in the next day. Good thing he’s got a strong back. I miss the Marcoccia’s terribly. I think I cried all the way to Pennsylvania when we left. It is good to be back in our little world though I missed our little cabin. Gary and I are both chomping at the bit to go ski. Oh the snow! There is sooo much Yahoo!

Here is a little clip of Ellie from Junction City, KS, telling us how she feels about sitting in a car for 12 hours…



  1. Leslie

    So glad to hear you are home safe and sound. I talked to Mom this morning and I was asking about you guys. You better get Grandma and Grandpa up there fast so that you two can hit the slopes.

  2. Charie

    This is the cutest video! Evie and Kai wanted me to play it over and over again and laughed all the way through it especially when you and Gary were laughing. I loved hearing your voice 🙂 Nostalgic and wonderful! I also meant to say that your skating was very impressive. It looks like a wonderful place and Gary’s family seems so great!

    So glad you made it home safe. YOu all are troopers! That is such a trip!

  3. Sarah

    That was a great one! Oh, I miss that little thing… 🙁

  4. Sara

    Sitting in a car for that long…Ellie said it all! She is just SO CUTE!!! It sounds like you had such an awesome time in New York. How fun to get to stay for so long.

    I hope you get to go skiing soon! If you ever come and go up here you need to call me. That would be so fun! We got Jessi up there last Saturday and she LOVED it. It’s great to get back into it with my own girls. 🙂

  5. This is so cute! My favorite part is hearing your laugh. Like charie said it nostalgic and so fun. Wow that was a long trip, it sounds like you had a great time. Back to life now.

  6. It was quite a trip/adventure back to my folk’s place in Erin, NY. Hectic yet amazing to do that as a young family. Little Elliephant won’t remember, but D and I will always think back to the charge across country (and back) in the middle of a good ‘ole fashioned northeast winter. Sure was nice to see the central NY and all the festive traditions of my youth, not to mention the landscape with snow. Easy to sit by a wood stove all winter and fiddle with things in that kinda place 🙂


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