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This week we have had the pleasure of catching rare sightings of some Heber Valley natives. I love running across wildlife I’m always humbled by their beauty. Due to the harshness of this winter’s storm after storm the Deer and Elk have been on the move. They are getting closer and closer to the metropolis of Heber City in an effort to find food. Last week we spied this heard of Elk gathered in the eastern fields of the valley among the developing neighborhoods. On Sunday we caught some more Elk hanging out with some Deer in yet another developing neighborhood. Yesterday while on a walk up the road we came across Mr. Moose sunning himself in the neighbors driveway. I was very proud of our dogs they did not approach this guy and allowed Mr. Moose plenty of room while keeping a watchful eye. Adah has come a long way from the day she was dunked in the Green River by a Moose just trying to get to the other side. Finally there has been a Bald Eagle in the canyon. We have been able to see the glorious bird a few times but have yet to get a picture. Perhaps it’s best to just appreciate the elusive bird and be satisfied and grateful for the few showings it has made.

oh, that’s just Chip


  1. I’ve had deer in my backyard as well, but no moose!

  2. Sara

    How COOL! We have had many deer in our backyard and fields around us. The girls have a great time watching them. We also saw a moose on the way home from skiing last Saturday. Love the pictures. Can’t wait til Saturday!!!!

  3. grandma mckenney

    Well your connected again, GREAT!
    GREAT pictures one of the good things about where you live.
    Made the Raspberry Truffles that you sent me the recipie for YUMMY. I’ll save you some.

  4. Leslie

    So you are really experiencing the beauty of your magnificent optical zoom on your new camera! Let’s you get those close up shots and stay at a safe distance. You’ll find that you can get great candid shots of Ellie as she grows older because you can keep your distance and catch her when she is “real”.


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