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Winter Wonderland


I got a new camera! Yahoo it is so fun. I’m so excited now my pictures will be FABULOUS errr well lets not get ahead of ourselves. I’m no professional but they will definitely be better relative to our previous credit card reward point camera. Here is our first set of experimental shots of yesterdays fun in the snow enjoy…


  1. I LOVE the one of just the dog in the snow. Very artistically place. All the others are just adorable.

    Congrats on the new camera!

  2. Laurie

    Great Pics! Man, I thought we got a lot of snow last night, but nothing like what you have! I had 8″ on my car this morning! You truly live in a beautiful Winter Wonderland! How lucky! So, have you found skis for Ellie yet? 🙂


  3. funny you should ask about skis for the wee one. I was in the metropolis of Heber the other day thrifting around and spied some itsy bitsy skis for $5. Almost bought them just for the cute factor, but reeled myself in at the last minute.

  4. Charie

    You got some great shots…look like a pro already. The trees with snow hanging on them is just beautiful!!!


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