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The Unkown


[click photo for a larger version of the flyer]

Yep, that’s our Adah. We found her because she was lost and now, well looks like old habits are hard to break. Ellie and I were out on our daily morning walk with the dogs and our neighbor. I got distracted for a bit and she was gone. She has done this before but has never left us over night. The kicker is I had the intuition to put her on the leash and the walk started out that way but when we met up with the other dogs she was so excited and started to whine and look at me with those pleading eyes to let her loose so she could run and play with them.

Gary has spent two days wandering all over TL and Heber. He is exhausted both emotionally and physically.  We’ve been calling animal control in both Summit and Wasatch County. We have put up fliers like you see above all over TL and have sent out emails to our neighbors. We have done everything we could possibly do. It’s up to fate now. We will keep looking and doing our part. I’m not saying we give up yet. In fact I haven’t allowed myself to shed a tear yet because she still has time to appear out of nowhere like she is notorious for.

So the point of this post is to ask everyone who keeps tabs on us to put good thoughts out there into the cosmic soup for our Adah that she will come back to us unscathed.


  1. meriam

    Oh Dannete & Gary. I am so sorry about Adah. Maybe she just wanted to frolic in the snow! Dogs have a way of finding home and loved ones. I hope your next post tells us she is ok.

  2. Laurie

    I’m sorry to get this news. I am hoping and praying that she is found safe and sound. We need her in the family!
    I am praying and sending all good wishes your way.

  3. Angie

    I hope you find Adah! I will sent good thoughts and prayers your way!

  4. Leslie

    I was hoping to wake up this morning and hear of something . . . we’ll keep checking back and sending prayers your way. One thing about Adah, she is a tough one!

  5. michelle

    Oh dear, I hope she comes home soon. Our thoughts are with you.

  6. charie

    Ohh that just breaks my heart but I am going to try and keep those positive thoughts going your way too! I cannot imagine how it must be for you guys right now…I loved the flyer you made because it is so true that she is like a member of your family. Will be anxiously awaiting good news!


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