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A trip to the Zoo


We went to the Zoo last week with Grandma McKenney, Aunt Tamara, and Cousin Summer. It was busy but we had fun. Ellie’s eyes were big all day long taking in and processing all the animals that until now we have only seen in books, pictures, TV, and such. You could see the cogs and cranks spinning in her wee little mind putting it all together. She was spent by the end of the day and so was Momma. We had a wonder time though thanks to our company.


  1. Angie

    Good times at the zoo! I love the monkeys! It was good to see you! We need to go on a mountain adventure soon!

  2. Sara

    Fun! My kids love the zoo. We’ll have to go soon, too, before it gets so hot!

  3. Sarah

    Awww, one little Boo and a trip to the Zoo! Your pictures are becoming quite professional looking! You and Gary must really have become familiar with your camera!


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