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Ahh Home


We took a quick trip up to Cache Valley this weekend to get a visit in with my parent before we all go on our merrily way for the holidays. My parents are being adventurous this year and going across the pond and then some to Germany to visit my sister and her family. Its a pretty big deal especially for my dad who doesn’t really do vacations. I think he is going to be pleasantly surprised though.

Its alway very therapeutic for me to go to my parents house. Although they have moved out of the neighborhood we grew up in there are so many reminders through out the house of my childhood and my roots. From the toys that were held onto for the grandkids, to Grandma McKenney’s old bed and quilt, and just the little smells and intricacies of being home. Mom and Dad are always the ultimate hosts making up a comfortable room to stay in, treating us to a dinner out, and fixing a big breakfast. I love watching them interact with Ellie you can see and feel the joy in their hearts when ever they are around their grandchildren. So, thank you Mom and Dad for taking care of us this weekend it was just what we needed.


  1. Charie

    It is always good to go home isn’t it. I miss the mountains something fierce 🙂 Where do your parents live now? I have so many good memories at your old place.

  2. Thanks for the comments Charie. Mom and Dad just moved across the valley to Amalga. Where there is more open space and peace and quiet. It has been great for them they really enjoy it. And my dad has made a new friend with the neighbor across the way. By the way Gary and I went through Richmond as well to see some friends. Brought back a flood of good memories.


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