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Bada and Papa ARE HERE!


Bada and Papa arrived on the 7th in the wee hours of the night. After a relatively smooth flight and then a harried drive over Parley’s. We had a mellow day Tuesday took a tour of Gary’s office, lunch, and ice cream. On Wednesday Bada came with me and Owen to hang out in Heber while Ellie went to preschool (Papa chose to stay home and rest). Bada, Owen, and I took care of some Valentine shopping while Ellie learned about the letter N. On Thursday we ventured down to Salt Lake. I took them to the Sundance outlet. Then we explored downtown and walked around Temple square and stopped for an awkward lunch. Yesterday Bada, Papa, Owen, and I had a successful search for Bald Eagles while Ellie went to her Valentine party at school. We had a successful thrift store hunt as well. Today we are having a Grandparent Extravaganza as my parents are coming down to visit and catch up with the “New Yorkers”. More on that later…

Bada and Papa are here until the 20th. It is sooooo nice to have them here just to have an extra hand while things all happen at once like burning the chicken for dinner, feeding Owen, and tending to Ellie’s meltdowns. That kind of scenario seems to occur often around here. What a relief it is to have four adults around to manage what comes our way. Ellie is so excited to have her Bada and Papa here. She is so whipped out by the end of the day she has been refusing to settle for naps I think for fear of missing out. Owen is thrilled as well showing them all that he can do like riding his bike, wooing the ladies, and eating all his food.

Bada can't wait to go skiing

making some wishes w/Papa


  1. Aunt Laurie

    This is SO GREAT! Have fun with all the grandparents!!

  2. Summer

    Looks like you guys had fun!Hope you guys have fun with Bada and Papa.-Summer

  3. Danielle

    Looks like everyone is having tons of fun!!! Cant believe Bada let you put that picture up 😀 glad you did… good for blackmail! Cant wait to see pics of the ski trip!!!

  4. Leslie

    Good stuff! Enjoy!


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