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Corn Belly’s


My Mom had some time off this week so she treated the Grandkids to a day at the Corn Belly Festival at Thanksgiving Point. We started out by having lunch across the way at the Cabela’s Store. The kids were so caught up with the display of animals we had a hard time getting them to concentrate on lunch. It was a blast we (the adults) were pleasantly surprised by the festivities at Corn Belly’s.  From princes land to gigantic jumping pillows, cow train, and haystack mazes. There was so much more beyond that.  At any rate the kids had a ball and it was stimulation overload by the end of the day. It was a beautiful warm day and the weather was so perfect.

Ellie and Tamia being Princesses

Taking a break on the big pillow

Cow Train

Riding the Corn Maze Express notice Ellie's ears are plugged b/c there was a "monster" next door making noise and Tamia is mimicing me taking the picture Silly girls

Parker in the Corn

Parker and Ellie in the haystack maze

Grandma and the kids

Grandma and the kids with Silly Faces


  1. grandma

    I THINK WE SHOULD TURN THAT ONE INTO A TRADITION! We didn’t even scratch the surface of activities, so there is more to look forward to next tear. What I liked most is that it was good old fashion fun, and the kids were super! Except for poor Ellie not feeling up to snuff, but she was a trooper!

  2. Aunt Laurie

    I LOVE this!!!! This looks like it was so much fun!!! Love Grandma Sherrie’s “Edith Ann” impression on the GIANT rocker! It’s so much fun to have all the kids together doing fun things!

  3. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    Looks like a perfect day! I have to say I love the cow train.

  4. Leslie

    Princess Ellie is singing, “Stop, in the name of Love, before you break my heart” . . . right?!

  5. Leslie that is exactly what she is doing because she is a Diva you know. The other day I brought home an outfit for school that was green and she took one look and said “No! That’s boy!” and refused it. Everything has to be pink and either a skirt or a dress. Isn’t she too young for this? I can’t just put on an out fit we have to go through the process of getting it just right every morning.


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