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We visited my parents last weekend for the Easter holiday. My parents spoiled us with good food and good company. We stopped by my Grandpa and Grandma Jackson’s for lunch on Saturday and let Ellie go through her Easter Basket while we were there. She picked through the whole thing even opened each egg to see what snacks were inside. She also shared some of her loot with Great Grandpa and Aunt Laurie and Gay.


We dyed eggs at Mom’s house afterward. I was pleasantly surprised that we did not get dye all over Mom’s kitchen.


Gary and I hid the eggs in the morning and we all had a good time watching her find them. She was very interested in finding all the eggs and was very proud of herself each time she put a new one in her basket.

The Easter Bunny gave Ellie some kites in her basket we all went out and had fun with them. Though we could have use a little more wind.


  1. Angie

    Glad you had a good Easter! Ellie seemed to really enjoy the egg hunt. I am also glad you were able to get out of the snow for a weekend. 🙂

  2. grandma mckenney

    Yes, it was a nice relaxing Easter. Thanks for coming.
    Ellen is so much fun and growing so fast.
    The beesting cake ended up in the garbage, a valiant try!

  3. Leslie

    Excellent and so sweet! I love her basket! Glad to see that the Easter Bunny made it from Germany to Utah. What a long trip!

  4. Looks like you had a fun day! And….you saw the lawn!!
    Ellie is a doll. We need to get all these cute 1 year olds together…

  5. Grandma Marcoccia

    We loved seeing Ellie’s Easter. She brought tears to my eyes when she said Bada. Thanks for the helping her along, Sherrie. Gary (old Gary) and I were just saying how we are blessed, having Danette and all her family. Although, we miss the wee one, her mom and dad, we are comforted in knowing they are with such wonderful people. Thanks!


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