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We spent Halloween up North this year. Decided to trick-or-treat with Grandma and Grandpa McKenney. Ellie was happy to morph into the Butterfly again. I think she was starting to enjoy all the accolaids and such. She is pretty irresistable in that get up.

We gathered with the cousins at Great Grandma and pa Jacksons and Aunt Gay’s so we could check out the Vampire, Pirate, Cowboy, and Little Chick. Then we paraded through Aunt Lauries office. We had a lot of fun with the family and even though Grandma and Grandpa only had three groups of Trick-or-Treaters show up it was more than what we would have seen in Timberlakes unless you count the Deer eating our pumpkins.


  1. Angie

    I’m glad you had a good Trick -or-Treating experience. It is always fun to go with Grandma and Grandpa!

  2. Leslie

    You are right, she is irresistible in the get up. It is not just the mommy in you, that’s a true fact . . . irresistible. All the kids look great! Was Ellie a bit scared of Summer? Glad you had a great time, looks like weather was on your side as well.

  3. grandma mckenney

    Thanks Danette , it was a FUNNNN Halloween/weekend. Shopping was also great!! Any time w/ grandkids is a gift.

  4. Meriam

    I bet Great Grandma and Grandma loved having the “gobblins” there for Halloween! I agree Sherrie, anything with the grandkids is great. I really missed seeing Kims crew…I hope pictures are coming!


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