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My Favorite Christmas Picture of 2008


Thanks Danielle for capturing the moment and puting it up for us to share. Love all your pictures from Christmas Eve.  These are my favorites…


  1. Sara

    Hey, you’re back! Good deal. Looks like a really fun Christmas. I’m glad it was fun having both families together. Ellie looks so cute! And I love the picture of Gary.

    We went skiing today…it was so much fun! Are you going to come up and ski with us again this year? I’d love it!!!

  2. G

    oh my goodness GARY – Right back at ya! love from your Sista!!!

  3. Sara,
    We are hoping to get some time in at the Beav this season. Maybe we can work on a weekend in February.

  4. Danielle

    That picture of Gary cracks me up everytime i see it!!! Of course any picture of Ellie is adorable! 🙂


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