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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree


We decorated the Christmas tree last night. Our plans to decorate earlier in the week were put off so that we could enjoy the company of Jill, Kevin, and Sarah. The old record player was brought out and we were bopping around the tree listening to the scratchy old 40’s spinning around. All the ancient and new Christmas ornaments were hung. Grandma Marcoccia has quiet a collection she has kept every ornament from the begining of their marrage up until the glass ornament we made last year. Each ornament is remembered by Sarah, Jill, Gary, and Kevin and each one has a story.  There are even some very special ornaments that were passed down from Great Grandma Opal. Ellie got right into the mix. She was very interested in hanging up the ornaments. She even did some dancing for us.



  1. Angie

    Cute video of Ellie! So glad you are having a wonderful time in New York. It is great to be with family! You will definitely be returning to a winter wonderland 🙂

  2. Sara

    Great memories you’re making there! And I love the dancing!!!

  3. Charie

    Wow what a tree! It seems so festive there in NY and being surrounded by family must be wonderful. I love hearing about the little details of what you are doing there, the ornaments, grandma, and ellie shakin’ her bootie. What a cutie!

    We look forward to your return and some sledding up in the high country 🙂
    Love you!

  4. Leslie

    What a funny girl, still so serious in the middle of playtime. Cracks me up! I love the Marcoccia tree, it is so great that you have a 2 story delight! Have lots of fun and we are going to try to put in a call to you Christmas morning!

  5. OMG! love the dance! 🙂 I am so glad you guys were here tonight! It was very special! Merry Christmas! See you tomorrow!!! Love you all!


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