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This is where it all started


Actually it started the season before (I know they spelled my name wrong). We were working as bartenders in different lodges in Alta. I was at the Goldminer’s Daughter and Gary worked at the Peruvian. As you can see from his pass Gary had been in Alta for a few years (1998) I spent a season up there in 1997 and to make a long story short we had a mutual friend (Johnny B) who thought we would be good for each other. You see my aunt Laurel had given me tickets to a film festival. I ran into Johnny and figured he was harmless because he had a girlfriend at the time who was in Spain so I asked him if he wanted to go with me and he turned me down saying that I should ask Gary that he would really like to go with me. So I took Johnny’s advise and asked Gary to join me and the rest is history. Johnny is still proud to this day that he was such a successful match maker. I always remind him that we owe it all to him.

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Saturday. We spent our first night without the wee one and ventured north to Lava Hot Springs. Turns out Ellie had a better time walking and talking with Grandpa and Grandma McKenney. Our experience in Lava well… lets just say we wont be going back and yuck pretty much sums it up. We tried to make the best of it.

Back to the important stuff though, Gary and I have had 5 years of joy, love, tears, laughter, stress, companionship, and all that makes up a good marriage. Over the last 5 years we have lived near the mouth of Little Cottonwood in Sandy, at the Entrada Ranch outside of Moab, in the “Slanty Shanty” in old town Park City, and now here in our little cabin in Timberlakes. We have had some good times and some hard times in all those places. I am looking forward to what lies a head of us and the many more adventures we are going to have together.


  1. Leslie

    Happy Anni! Sorry it was yuck, but couldn’t have been too yucky to have a kiddo free night. Seriously, I love my kids but once in a while a quiet night is splendid. You deserve it, especially after surviving the first year of parenthood. By the way . . . who took the fab picture with the dogs? Oh ya, that was MEEEEE!

  2. Angie

    Happy Anniversary you two! I’m glad I finally got to meet Gary. You do fit together so well! What a beautiful little family you are! Much love and joy for the future!

  3. Charie

    AHHHH I love the pictures! They are awesome to see!

    So happy you found Gary…I agree with Angie…you both seem to compliment each other very well. Excited for good times to come with you guys before you move away 🙁

    Lava…ohh the memories…I agree double YUCK!

  4. grandma mckenney

    Sorry I was the one to have the most fun!
    But more fun nights for me to come I hope!
    And yes it has been a crazy 5 years, we say is that our daughter doing that!! Or living there! But all worth the challenges for sure & there will be nothing but better to come. LOVE YOU ALL, MOM(AKA Grandma)

  5. Laurie

    Has it really been 5 years already!!??

    Happy Anniversary! So glad you brought Gary in to our family, Danette. He is a treasure. He is very lucky to have you too!

    Love you both!


  6. Sara

    I’d forgotten that we have the same anniversary! Jeff and I also got a night out without kids. We went to SLC and stayed in the Embassy Suites Hotel and dinner/movie. It was great fun. And our 12th! Where does time go?

    Love the ski pictures! Great memories I’m sure. And if you’re still here for the winter, I really want to come to Alta and ski with you!

  7. Danette

    I thought we shared the same anniversary but wasn’t positive. Congrats on 12 years! Looking forward to skiing Alta with you this winter

  8. Grandma Marcoccia

    I can’t believe it has been 5 yrs! I can see that special day as if it were yesterday. Everything was so beautiful that day. Grandma McKenney ( sorry Sherrie that’s you name now 🙂 and Leslie made sure of that. And what a beautiful job it was. It was a great day for us. We not only got to see the majestic Alta and everything it has to give, but we got to meet your wonderful family Danette along with all you and Gary’s great friends. We loved every moment!
    Happy Anniversay!
    Love Mom and Dad Marcoccia


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