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3 is the Magic Number


“A man and a women had a little baby, and there were three in the family, that’s the magic number…”

(favorite song from School House Rocks)

So here we are, Ellen is three months old today! A few of our friends have said that after three months things get much easier. I must say though that we haven’t had it bad, we have been very lucky Ellie has been a dream baby. She is calm and mellow for the most part. In fact last night she was happy just to hang out and snuggle in my lap as I indulged in my favorite ridiculous TV show. Don’t get me wrong we have had our sleepless nights, ringing ears, and freak outs, but I must say Gary and I are amazed by her everyday. Yesterday she discovered the ball on the mirror toy in her crib and was smiling and laughing as she was working so hard to move it. I made her the little hat in the photo above, it’s a party hat to commemorate our three months together. I’m going to make some chocolate chip cookies later as well.

Little facts about three:

  • number of times I had to unpick the hat before I got it right
  • number of cookies I’m going to eat later
  • number of times I have to ask Gary a question before it gets locked into my head (hopefully this is a temporary “new mom” side affect)
  • number of times I have to reinsert the binky before Ellie falls asleep
  • number of emergency trips to the g-store for diapers
  • number of laundry loads I need to do today


  1. Ellie is so adorable! And what a cute hat…you are so creative! I have to tell you that I have been having a great time on the Etsy site.

    3 months already! It goes so fast…Cassidy is already 10 months…

  2. Ellie is so cute! They grow up fast so savor every stage. When Phoenix was this age we had several friends with babies also and they couldn’t wait for them to grow up. We were the exact opposite, I didn’t want it to go by so fast. I did not want him to grow up! They are fun at every stage so enjoy. It looks like you are having a lot of fun.

  3. Look at that little squirt 😉 I love 3.

  4. She is so beautiful she looks like a doll! I really had to study the picture. It is so fun to think of when we just had one. It is a special time that I am so glad I enjoyed. I am so happy for you and Gary! Looking forward to this next one…it just gets better and better.

  5. So . . . what is your favorite ridiculous TV show?! You can’t make such a curious statement and leave us all hanging! Ellie is SO cute, I just need to get my hands on her!


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