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Re-Purposed T-Shirts


Last week Ellie needed a pair of red shorts to go with her Butterfly Onsie of course. I didn’t really want to go out and buy her a pair. First, because when you have a certain clothing item you want such as red shorts it’s a known fact that once you are out hunting for them they are no where to be found. Two, I also knew if I went out there into “Adorable Clothes for Girls Land” I would end up coming back with outfits we don’t need. So, I took the scissors to an old red T-Shirt I had in the closet that I never wear. Here is the result…

I was so very pleased to see that the seam in the arms matched up quiet well for a stylish yolk at the waist. That wasn’t planned at all but it worked.

I also made four sweet little skirts from the trunk of old pitted out T-Shirts. These were shirts that I haven’t been able to let go of because I still like them but I knew their time was up. So I’m enjoying them on Ellie now. Haven’t had much oportunnity for photos of these. Here is one my Mom took.

They are so simple just cut the length you want and sew a waist and put in an elastic. Easy…

Last but not least. We have found that Ellie really really likes Reggae. So much that she can even bust out the moves first thing in the morning before breakfast and such. Notice we are all still in our PaJamies… uhumm



  1. denise petersen jorgensen

    Danette, those shorts and skirt and just darling. You are so ingenious-that is too cool. Ellie is just a doll.

  2. Sara

    You’re so creative!!! Great job on the cute shorts and skirts for Ellie. And the dancing is awesome…what a great way to start out the day!

  3. Taralyn

    So cute!! I wish I had your talent! I keep seeing all these cute clothes you make and I love them!

  4. Leslie

    So what you really mean when you say “easy” is “oh yeah, I’ve got skills baby”. Seriously sista, where is my share of the sewing gene, did you just steal it all??? Don’t be so mean, just give it up a little. . . . please???? I just love it!

  5. Charie

    I imagine your mom is so proud that you are carrying on her awesome tradition of sewing skills. That really does take a lot of creativity and also patience…Both characteristics you abound in.
    Keep posting stuff like this I love it. Ellie’s dance was so cute.

  6. Angie

    Wow! I am always impressed with your sewing abilities. I really should at least get a sewing machine. Maybe then I could follow your inspiration!

  7. michelle

    Very impressed!!! Oh so talented!! I’m super jealous!!! Ü Mahlia has those same pj’s!! So super cute!!! Can’t wait to see you all!


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