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Waiting on Button Holes


Here is my latest attempt at sewing.

It is a shirt for Ellie when she gets a little bigger. I am so in love with the material. It’s a print from Heather Ross. I found it here. I was afraid to cut into it but then just took a deep breath and went for it. I will admit I did struggle making this. It’s hard to work with wee sizes. Attaching the arms and the cuffs were the big challenges. It will be easier the next time around though. I have the material all planned out already. This pattern came from a thrift store shopping trip as well. It’s so retro I love it. Straight out of the 70’s.

It is not complete though, needs button holes. I’m a little intimidated by this task although I’m sure it is a simple thing but I think I will wait until my Mom can bail me out here with her skills. I’m just afraid of putting a hole in the fabric because once you do there is no returning. I have actually made button holes before. I did it on a couple of skirts and a shirt and I did it the old fashion way with out the use of the button holler sewing machine attachment. In fact I think I prefer this but it is tedious to say the least and I’m not so sure how it would turn out on a wee shirt for Ellie.

Here is a look at my next project…

It’s a pattern by Oliver + S. I was directed here by the Chicken and the Momma. I love that the patterns can also be used as paper dolls. Brilliant!

This is the material I’m going to use for the top. Another Heather Ross print. Lovely! Wish me luck because I’m afraid to cut into this one as well. I’m thinking of using an old pair of brown cords of mine for the shorts.


  1. grandma mckenney

    So cute great job! I love the new print ,looks just like the bikes you all had. And paper dolls my favorite.

  2. Laurie

    That retro pattern that you used looks very familiar to me. I think mom had that one that she used for Gay and I. She may still have it in a drawer somewhere!

    Cute. I wish I had this talent. Sewing on a sewing machine just scares me to death. Thank goodness for your mother!


  3. Charie

    sO impressed! I love the material you have chosen. It really fits your authentic self. I have noticed that with all the pictures you have of Ellie…very original. I cannot imagine anything cuter.

    The only thing I have done on the sewing machine is make one of those shirt bibs. It actually turned out super cute but I haven’t attempted anything since then. I also made Christmas stockings because Rox made some really cute ones for Nhaya, Jonathan, and I so I have had to make more as the family has gotten larger. I need to get a sewing machine at least for mending and little projects. Any suggestions on what to buy for someone who won’t use it a lot but still okay quality?

    I am just now thinking of those awesome peach and blue dresses that your mom wipped out for us for Homecoming. She is an awesome person to learn from! I still cannot believe how willing she was to do that for us. I will never forget that.

  4. Sara

    Way impressed here!!! Good Job Danette!

  5. I love that shirt! I used to love sewing clothes and projects like that but something happened (I think it is having more kids) and I just don’t have the patience for it. I hope it will someday return but I am adding another kid to the mix so we will see. You sound like your having fun with it. I can just see Ellie in that shirt with her big eyes…what a cutie!

  6. Danette

    Thanks for all the accolade’s you guys. If I were better at it and had more time I’d be sewing my heart out!
    Charie – I’ve been trying to decide on a new sewing machine myself but struggling because there is actually a lot to choose from. You can either go big and spend well over 1000 bucks or keep it simple and shoot for some where between 100 – 200. I’d like to try for somewhere in the middle of all that. My Mom just bought a Brother this past year that she is very happy with. It has all kinds of fun stitches to play around with and is a good all around machine. I’m pretty sure it was under $200 and can be found at any of the regular household stores like Target and such. I’ll try to encourage her to comment on her machine and where she got it.

  7. Michelle

    WOW! Color me impressed! you should go into business! Very, very cute and how fun! I always loved the shirts my mom made for us and I will never forget the cute dresses your mom made for us one year. If I remember right, yours was black and white checkered with a white apron and mine was red and white checkered with a white apron. so cute!

  8. Leslie

    Saaawwweeeet! Are you channeling Grandma M?

  9. Leslie- I’m trying to channel Grandma M. If I had half her talent I would be thrilled.

    Michelle- You have such a good memory! There is a great picture of us in our dresses somewhere in a photo album I may have to drag it out and post it.

  10. Linda - Grandma Marcoccia

    Danette, I love the “butterfly collar”…….. Looks like a great job. You have a good teacher. Good Job, Grandma McKenney!


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