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10 Things


Once in a while my favorite Momma Blogger will make a list of 10 things she is loving; my sister did this a while ago as well. So, I thought I’d follow suite and make my own 10 Things List of what I am loving at the present time…

1. Lavender– Our lavender plants are in full bloom and they smell sooo good. Yes, I totally have a thing for lavender…

2. CSA Veggies– Every Wednesday we go to Park City to pick up a box of fresh local grown veggies. So far we’ve enjoyed a variety of lettuce, chard, peas, radishes, green beans, aragula, mizuna, yellow and green zucchini, spinach, tat soy, and mustard greens. It’s fun to be surprised by what’s in the box it’s different every week and helps make the meal planning interesting

3. Fabric Markers– I have had these projects in my head for a while and I finally found these pens last week. I will admit I borrowed the “La Petite Monster” idea from a vendor at the Park Silly Market, she has the cutest onsies and such.

4. Alba Botanicals– I went to dinner with some ladies a while ago and they had nothing but good things to say about the Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask so I thought I’d give it a try and they are right. It kicks butt. I also love the lavender sunscreen I always buy some in the spring and love using it all summer. Gary even likes it 🙂

5. Our Columbines are in bloom. Gary took these pictures the other night. My favorite flower hands down.

6. Ellie waking up. Here is a cute video G took a week or so ago. I know we post way too many videos of the Wee One but she is so cute can’t help it. She melts our hearts.


7. Tschu Tschu photo. My sisters latest photographic fun and adventures. Love the color love the words love the artist…

8. Favorite Quote

“Hatred does not cease with hatred; only by love that is the eternal rule”…Buddha

I found it here

9. She and Him My new favorite ear candy. Even the cd cover is precious. I love her voice and the tone of the album good stuff.

10. Yoga– Just signed up for a gym membership and starting some yoga classes. I practiced quite a bit my last few years of school at USU and I’ve missed it a lot. So here we go again…

What are your 10 things?


  1. Leslie

    Love the mug by the way, oh yea, I’m talking about not only the holder for the lavender but the wee one too. I think you need to throw that facial in your “bag for Germany”, you, Bailey and I can have a girls night of pampering. Can’t wait to see you cross the borders!

  2. meriam

    A lady that I work with cooks with lavender. You probably do too.
    She makes lavender lemonade and cookies. She has a whole cook book. If you need some recipes, let me know. I know she would love to share.

  3. Angie

    So, my 10 favorite things:

    1. Dark chocolate (In any size and shape!)
    2. Dancing (Although I don’t do it like the pros, but I still have fun!)
    3. Aveeno lotion (I have excema on my hands, and it is the only lotion I have found that works for me)
    4. Lost (I am trying to get caught up with Steve, so we can watch season 5 together. I am addicted!)
    5. Books, books, and books (I love to read a good book. I am excited for book number 4 in the Twilight series. I am always looking for a great book to read, so any suggestions?)
    6. Playing with my kids (we have had some great vacations this summer, and it is awesome to see the excitement in my children’s faces with each new adventure.)
    7. Fruit (I love summer and all the good fruit there is to eat. Pineapple is probably the one I crave the most right now.)
    8. Jeeping with Steve (He finally got his dream Jeep. He is like a little kid with a new toy, and it is fun to take the top off and ride around on a cool evening.)
    9. Weeding (I love digging in the dirt. It feels so good when you pull at a weed and it comes out with the root and all.)
    10. Homemade Ginger Snap cookies (My friend just gave me the best recipe, they are my new favorite cookie right now!)

    I could probably go on, but those are 10 things I love today!

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Meriam – I would love some lavender recipes. I haven’t been brave enough to use it in the kitchen yet. Lavender lemonade sounds lovely. I read somewhere about a white chocolate/lavender scone that I would also love to get my hands on.

    Angie – Love your 10 Things List. Can’t believe weeding is on there getting one root and all is pretty gratifying though I must say…

    Leslie – I’ll put the face stuff on the packing list. Can’t wait!

  5. Charie

    These were so fun to read! You are such a gem of a person and I just love the little graceful loves you have. I know that probably doesn’t make sense out loud but in my mind it does. I just love you. I missed seeing you at Brig’s but I figured you might not be able to make it 😉 Next time we have to get our boys together. I know Jonathan would love Gary!
    I am doing another race so I will be more motivated to get out in the humidity and work out. Wanna run it 🙂 here in Charlotte? Haa haa
    How is the house selling going? Here a friend of mine has had one person look in two months. Pretty discouraging for us wanting to get back West. The housing market is scary!


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