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The Alta Experience


For those of you residing in Utah KUED and the University of Utah will be airing a documentary on Wednesday, December 3rd at 7pm called “The Alta Experience”Alta is celebrating 70th anniversary this year. The documentary is an hour long and highlights Alta’s colorful history and powder hound personalities. Anyway,  you all know what Gary and I will be doing the evening of the 3rd and I just thought I’d pass it along.


  1. Angie

    Thanks for sharing, Danette. Steve and I always love watching a good documentary. Especially one we can sort of relate to! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I really liked Twilight, what did you think?

  2. Charie

    Sounds like a good date night!

    Ang and I were talking tonight about your birthday next week. We would love to take you out for dinner or something one night. It doesn’t have to be on your birthday since we wouldn’t want to steal you away from Gary but let me know what your schedule is like.

  3. Leslie

    Hum . . . wonder if I could see it over the internet?!

  4. Leslie – I put a couple of links in to KUED perhaps once it is aired they will allow access to it via the KUED web page?

    Angie – I enjoyed the company of my Mom, Brigitte, Max, and Jasmine at Twilight. Max is such a good husband… Anyway, I liked the movie but their make-up drove me crazy – over done. It was entertaining I liked the baseball scene.

    Charie – I’m impressed you remember my Birth date. I would love to go out with you guys, but Gary is leaving for NY on Saturday and I will be car-less so I’m heading up to Logan until E and I leave on the 12th. Maybe we can throw together some lunch plans before Friday?

  5. gay

    I’ll have to set the DVR since I have to work. It will be interesing to watch and learn it’s history.

  6. Dee Ann

    I’m with Leslie or Gay for watching. WE would love to see the documentary about Alta. Let me know if it becomes available through the Internet.


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