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Keeping Gary on his Toes


So, last night after I put Ellie down for bed I began my nightly routine of scurrying about the house in an effort to straighten things up. Gary usually insists that I take a break and sit down, but it’s my chance to get the house in order and complete a task and if I don’t do it who will 😉 besides when I do sit down at the end of the day for that break I like to do it in an orderly space.

Anyway, I was washing the dishes and telling Gary how easy it is to put the slip cover back on the chair when a coffee mug slipped from my hands. I reacted and tried to grab it and in the process cut my hand, blood immediately filled the bottom of the sink and I said “Oh, Gary I cut my finger” then I saw that it was kind of deep and said “um, its bad”. Gary came rushing over and wrapped a towel around my hand, made me hold my arm up over my head, and walked me over to the sofa. It was obvious I needed stitches so we started talking about if we should wake up Ellie or what to do. I began to feel my head tingle and the room was getting dim and I said to Gary I might pass out… Well I did and when I came to Gary was on the phone with the 911 operator and Chip was across the room in the corner looking at me with huge eyes.

I don’t know, apparently I was hyperventilating and passing out at the same time. Didn’t know that was possible but he said my eyes rolled back and I started breathing funny. It scared Gary and he made a mad dash for the phone. Needless to say we woke up the neighborhood. Timberlakes volunteer EMTs were dispatched as well as an ambulance from Heber. TL has a wonderful group of fine citizens who volunteer as first responders which is so critical to the community because it takes 20 minutes at the least to get an ambulance up here from Heber and a lot can happen in 20 minutes. We were able to turn the ambulance away although they got as far as the gate.

Once things calmed down we got Ellie up and took the trip down to the hospital. When all was said and done I got 4 whole stitches on my right ring finger. Poor Ellie went from sleeping peacefully to a house full of strangers and then whisked away to a harshly lite room at the hospital to watch her Mom get worked on by more strangers. Poor Gary thought that his weirdo wife was having a seizure. I didn’t think I was a fainter although it runs in the family. Leslie and I now have matching stories I know she has scared Mark and Bailey a couple of times. My Mom fainted once when she was young. The story goes that my Grandma’s first reaction was to say to my Aunt Meriam “You did it! You killed her!” or something like that. So, I haven’t escaped the female dramatics from my side of the family.

Gary wanted me to show off my battle wounds with the dishes. I thought I’d spare those of you who would rather not be exposed to a nasty photo of stitches. So if your interested you can check it out here.


  1. Leslie

    Okay, that was like having dejavu while reading your post. That is exactly what happened to me a few months ago, cut my hand, passed out and scared the crap out of my family. I had the breathing and eyes rolling going on too. I never had this problem ’til after kids. Oh, and just 2 weeks ago I had an episode in public, Chili’s on base, got real sick and felt like I was going to pass out. Because of that I couldn’t get to the bathroom and threw up right there at the booth. EMS was called and my blood pressure was really low. Nothing came of it except I earned a fabulously long nap that afternoon and I won’t be going back there for awhile. So embarassing. AND I thought I was being real conspicuous until McKenna yells out, “Mom ARE YOU THROWING UP?!” Love that kid. Hope you are okay!!!

  2. Michelle

    Oh dear! I’m so sorry to hear of your ordeal! Glad to know everything is okay now. And I’m especially glad to know that my “fainting” could be inherited! Let’s just say I’m very well known at Golds Gym for passing out cold. After my intense and scary episode following Mahlia’s delivery we are discovering that mine has to do with my heart. But I think I’ll blame my family genes from now on! Let’s here it for inherited female dramatics!

  3. jen

    ouch! that must have hurt. poor gary and all the drama. you know, i have a suture kit now. i am looking for my first “human” to practice on so give me a call next time.

    i have some great baby toys for ellie so give me a call to meet in heber to pass them on.

  4. Ok, Leslie’s story about Chilis tops mine How come I didn’t hear that story before? I guess for obvious reasons ehh?

    I forgot you had the pleasure of practicing stitches on your dog. We should have called you would have saved us a big Dr bill and we could have let Ellie keep on sleeping 😉 next time. We should meet up in Heber soon we could have some coffee and chat.

  5. I am sooooo sorry.

    I also pass out at the site of blood, but it depends on the situation. If I am dealing with it I am ok. If it happens to me or if I have to watch it… not ok.

    I am totally NOT looking at the photos for that very reason.

  6. Sara

    OUCH!!! That looks like it hurt! What an eventful evening for you.

    I called 911 a few months ago when I thought Cassie was choking. It ended up being a little sticker (from an apple) she had gotten from somewhere and put in her mouth. Anyway, I finally saw the sticker at the back of her throat and got it out while I was on the phone with the dispatcher. Scared the crap out of me….tell Gary I can relate. I think I’d rather be the one passed out then the one panicking.

    Glad you are okay!!!!!

  7. Laurie

    Oh, that’s an awful place for a bad cut too! Glad you are ok. (Now you have a good reason for not having to do the dishes!)

    Did you get more snow yesterday? I hear we are supposed to get about 2 inches tomorrow in town. Funny to be getting all that snow up here on the day Beaver closes. (I say that should rethink that closing date) 🙂

  8. meriam

    OK! I am here to tell you that the story of the dishwashing episode with your mom is TRUE! She did hit the floor and I was nearly arrested for “killing” her! She just wanted out of doing dishes!
    Lucikly I have never passed out, but I have lost it in a bad place. A guy I really had a crush on asks me out, finally, and we are driving up 4th north in Logan to a play at USU. Migrane…..upchuck all over his car!!!! Worse……he turns out to be my brother-in-laws BEST FRIEND! So for a lifetime, everytime there was a family gathering with my brother-in-law, I would hear from my sweet and adoring children….Mom where is that guy you threw up on, or Mom there is that guy you threw up on. HUmmm….wonder if he still remembers??

  9. Charie

    I have many blood and passing out stories…I am the complete fainting queen. You were my roomie for many of them. So sad to hear that you have joined the ranks of fainters. I had to look at the finger picture even though I don’t like that stuff. It looks painful! I am going to be a mess when we have our first kid, blood, and stiches experience. Poor kid will probably have to fend for themself because I will be passed out on the floor next to them.

  10. Danielle

    I have to say that my big brother is good when it comes to a crises! When i was in 2nd grade we were playing down by the creek and i sliced my finger (to this day no one knows on what since i never felt it) and Gary noticed i was bleeding and he wrapped my finger in his white t-shirt, while he was still wearing it, and walked me all the way back to the house. I too ended up with stitches Danette, but i am pretty sure i didnt pass out! 🙂 Anyway thanks to Gary a big old 4th grader at the time i felt safe and taken care of :)… isnt he sweet?

    i checked out your wound! Thats pretty nasty looking! Glad you are ok though and till able to type! Take care!

  11. Oh ok..that’s a good story. When I started reading your comment I actually thought you were going to tell the story about when I broke your ankle while giving you a ride on the 3 wheeler! -G

  12. Danielle

    Gary – that story didnt apply…this time! 🙂 maybe next time… besides that also wasnt your fault, you just wanted to hide it so you didnt get in trouble 😆

  13. Gary M

    Ummm.. if it wasn’t my fault, why would I get in trouble? 😉


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