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The Maiden Voyage


A couple of months ago we made a big purchase. We found a little tent trailer in the classifieds. It was exactly what Gary and I had been looking for something simple with out too many bells and whistles. It’s been occupying space in our yard for some time now. We just kept stalling for various reasons, the weather, time, fears of sleepless nights, wild animals, you know the usual stuff. Do you recall last summers late season camp out? Anyway Gary and I finally pulled the trigger and packed up our gear and kids and took to the road. The goal was to make it down to the Burr Trail by Boulder Utah. We got a late start after checking our packing job then rechecking and checking again oh and then putting the chickens on lock down. So we made it as far as Sunglow Campground just outside of Bicknell Utah. It’s a great little spot not too far off the road with flush toilets and beautiful red rock walls. It lived up to its name as the sun set the red walls lit up.


We had a beautiful sunset

The night went well. After I had a “Oh no I forgot a bag of food” moment. Gary went to town to get the precious coffee. Then I found the said bag in the truck. Oooppsssyy! Once that was all settled and we had our dinner on the fire. Soon after Owen fell asleep then Ellie was tired enough to volunteer to go lay down in the trailer. We all slept well until there was some campground drama from other campers. A few explicit words were yell and some tires spun out and engines revved. Ellie managed to sleep through it Owen on the other hand woke up and then woke up again every hour or so after that. So not much sleep was had by Momma or Dad.

Owen's First Camping Trip

Ellie's first and a half camping trip

We woke up to a chilly morning with frost all around. It soon warmed up and we headed to our original destination. Gary and I really love Torrey, Boulder, Capitol Reef and every time we get down there we day dream about having a little ranch of our own. *sigh* The drive was beautiful and the Burr Trail did not disappoint although we only saw about 20 miles of it. We have grand plans of taking a bike/car trip with the kids next summer and exploring the whole 75 miles.

Burr Trail

Ellie called this an Elephant Rock as we drove by

Adah was scared to go to the edge even with Gary there

she is right it can be scary

this is how Ellie felt about the Burr Trail

this is what Ellie does when Owen cries

So we stopped for lunch at Deer Creek Campground. Yet another lovely spot for camping that we will have to save for later. It’s a little desert oasis with a stream running through and lovely Cotton Woods for shade. The kids loved it here there was sand to play in and much to explore.

Patty Cake

Owen kept scooping up handfuls of sand and trickleing it down his face. Better then eating it.

Sand Angel

I loved this old Camper Bus some hippie fixed up. They weren't around or I might have asked for a tour

Alas, after lunch our trip was over and we reluctantly had to make the drive home. Wishing all the way we had one more day. We will be back there again soon. There is just something about those red rocks and dessert air…


  1. Danielle

    looks a nice little get away! 🙂

  2. grandma

    BEAUTIFUL, SO GLAD YOU FINALLY DID A MADIEN VOYAGE WITH THE NEW DIGGS! Looked like alot of dirty great fun! Owens hair looks red , maybe because of those shining red rocks:) Ellie on the other hand looks like she played hard and got tired out. Great family times!

  3. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    Oh my gosh, what a great weekend!! Looks like everyone enjoyed every minute of it. The pictures are amazing. I am open to a camping trip when I come out:)

  4. Jen Wasserloos

    wow! Looks like a great trip and a fun place to camp…we’ll have to try it out:)

  5. Leslie

    Once again I’m impressed . . . camping . . . with children . . . and a dog. You are so much tougher than me. I fully admit to the fact that I am Leslie High Maintenance Frandsen. But it looks like great times, especially the sand angel, makes me think of all the summers we had at the dunes with sand in every one of our orifices (hee hee, did I spell that right?)

  6. Sara

    What a fun camping trip! You will have those memories forever…they seem to be the ones that stand out the most for me growing up. All of those camping trips and family vacations. Great times. And your kiddos couldn’t be more adorable!!!

  7. Sarah

    Aww I miss Capitol Reef and that part of Utah. There is something about those red rocks. Owen and Ellie looked to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves! Great pictures!


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