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Adventures in Camping


We put forth our best effort to camp last weekend. We thought that the weather was so nice we might as well take advantage of the last “dog days of summer” and head for the hills. We found out the hard way that they close many campgrounds along the Mirror Lake Highway. So we opted to drive down a road less traveled and find and old spot we camped at a few years back with friends. We found it and had a lovely evening with Ellie and the dogs exploring the surrounding trees, dirt, down logs, leaves, ect. We even had a nice campfire meal.

Once the sun went down we slipped into the tent where Ellie had a wonderful time jumping on the air mattress and taking in the whole adventure of actually using the tent. We finally got her settled in and sleeping.  Soon it started to seem a little chilly then it seemed down right cold and Gary and I could hear each other sigh and toss and turn trying to get comfortable. Then Gary started thinking about the sounds out there and the wild animals and such and his mind started racing. Eventually Ellie started to stir and whine and be restless as well. I moved her into my bag with me but it was too late, Gary had made up his mind to pack it up  and leave . So, at 2am Ellie and I got in the truck and tried to settle in while the man packed up camp. Needless to say we got home at 4am and Ellie let us sleep until 7:30am. We were slugs the next day.

It was a good effort and we learned some lessons. Perhaps our skin isn’t so thick…


  1. grandma mckenney

    GREAT PICTURES, funny story, sad outcome. Next summer !!

  2. There were definitely lions, tigers and bears in them woods. Adah told me so…

  3. angie

    Cute pictures of the adventure. It is always a great time camping with kids. I have a hard time sleeping when it is cold, because I am so worried if the kids are freezing as well! It gets easier as the kiddos get older. 🙂

  4. Laurie

    Well, get ready for next summer… Help me spread the excitement to the rest of the family! We NEED to do the family camp-out!

  5. Leslie

    Bummer! At least you tried. Mark is trying to talk me into camping, but with a cabin. He knows me better than that.

  6. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    I love the pictures. Gary, I am proud of you protecting your women:)

  7. Sarah B.

    Awww, what a fun time!



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