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She’s back…. Our crazy white dog decided it was time to come home today. We spent the weekend at my parents, and when we turned into our driveway I saw something on our porch. I took a closer look and said “She’s Here!!” Gary gasped and couldn’t believe it. It was a sweet reunion for everyone. She is filthy dirty and a little bit skinnier but still the mysterious white dog that is Adah. What I wouldn’t give to be able to talk to her and find out just what in the world she was up to for almost 10 days. I wonder how far she traveled? If she heard us calling after her? What compelled her to take off in the first place? Was she really lost or just on walkabout? Did she get it out of her system? Was it as difficult a week for her as it was for us?  Who knows she is just a dog after all. We are glad to have her back though there was a definite void in the Marcoccia household last week. Thank you for mixing all of those good thoughts and well wishes into the cosmic soup on behalf of Adah and our broken hearts.


  1. Angie

    Yeah Danette! I am so happy for you guys 🙂 I hope you had a good visit with the fam. Alas, Sundance closed their lift on October 14th. We will have to try that adventure out in the Spring!

  2. sarah marcoccia

    Ohhhh Adah! I am so happy she is back. What a sense of relief. 🙂

  3. grandma mckenney

    YIPPIE , BUT she looks bad, was she hurt at all? And she is definatly skinnier. Glad she timed her return with yours! Every one here is jumping for joy, amazing what feelings you can have for such a “mutt”.
    Get her bathed then let the little one play with her! Have a GOOD week.

  4. She has a nice gash on the inside of one of her back legs, and is hobblin’ a bit. But other than that she seems just tired, and hungry. What an amazing sight pulling in the driveway, and seeing her run up to the truck 🙂

  5. Laurie

    I cried tears of joy when mom called today to say that Adah had returned!!! I’m so happy! Give her a great big hug from me!!!


  6. Rhea

    What I would like to ask Adah, if it was possible to get an answer, is whether she stayed away so long because she wanted to or if she was unable to return home any sooner. Because if she was just hanging out and partying — well then — “Adah, you are SO grounded!”

    Congrats on getting your wild child back.

  7. Leslie

    Hot diggidy dog! What a crazy dog. So glad she was strong enough to get back. I’m with you Danette, I wish you could talk to her and hear about her adventures. How close did she come to not coming back, what new “friends” did she meet, how did she stay warm, what parties did she attend in all her finery. I can hear the giddiness in Gary’s voice, that sounds so good. Although I don’t envy the bath that is a comin’. Gotta love that dog.

  8. Grandma Marcoccia

    I cannot tell you how happy I am for you guys. What an awful 9 days!!! Maybe she is dirty and skinny, but she is still beautiful. What love she must have for you to return after such a long time. Love you all. Give Adah a hug for me:)

  9. I’m thinkin a real hot lookin guy doggie (possibly a husky) must’ve heard it thru the doggie grapevine how beautiful a doggie Adah was and came to meet her. He swept poor unsuspecting Adah off of her doggie paws and for a while she fell in love. (we all know about puppy love)

    Figure we all know how we act when we’re first in love and don’t always quite think straight. That woulda been the only way Adah woulda left you guys. Soon as she came to her senses and realized it wasn’t really love (if it were he woulda came back home to live happily ever after with her…..but sadly he just wasn’t ready to settle down yet)

    Realizing if he really loved her, he would want her to be happy and not have to be without her family, so she ran as fast as her little doggie paws would let her run back to her family, whom she loved and missed soooooo much. She knew knowing how much they loved her they’d welcome her back with open arms.

    She feels very, very badly for how much she made all of you worry about her but is very, very happy to be home with all the people she loves soooooo much. 🙂 She has vowed to herself in the future not to have her head turned so easily by the first good lookin guy doggie that comes along.

    Am soooooooooo happy for all of you that she returned home safely. Hope her boo boo leg heals very quickly:):) I knew she wouldn’t willingly just leave, there had to have been somethin that happened.

  10. Dee Ann

    Adah, Adah, Adah. Doing what we all do — the grass is greener deal. What did she find? Obviously something that wasn’t as good as what she’s got. Let’s face it — she just couldn’t leave Ellie.

    Dee Ann

  11. Lance

    she is so dirty! chip looks happy too. i still cannot believe that. i agree danette, i wish she could talk. check out some gps units on ebay and hook her up!

  12. Sara

    I’m so glad she came back! That must have been so awful worrying and wondering… What a happy reunion!!!



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