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Ode to Adah


I’ve been putting this off  for a while now. I guess because our emotions on the subject are still a little raw. We unexpectedly had to put our beautiful dog  Adah to rest on the 1st of February.  She had some kind of an episode that left her very weak and unable to walk around easily. She was fine one day and gone the next.

Adah found me on a geology field trip way back when I was still dabbling in academia. She was beautiful, mysterious, and full of personality. I fell in love right away I think everyone who got to know Adah loved her instantly too.  Her personality was such that you couldn’t help it she just wanted your love so much. She demanded it with her relentless pawing. Sometimes she would nudge your elbow with her nose so your arm would slip from its resting place on the chair and land on her head.  Other times and with a bit of a surprise she would wiggle her nose between your legs from behind and poke her head through then look up at you with a “you can’t deny me” kind of look. This habit was a little alarming for some, understandably, but I never tried to break her of it because it was so Adah.  Her way of giving a hug I suppose. She was so demanding of love but in such an endearing way. These little nudges, paws, and wiggles are what I miss most. Little signs that she loved you and needed you to love her back. Pretty amazing of her when you consider she was found in the west desert on her own with out much human contact.

Now there was also the feral side of her. She was sneaky. Almost ghostly. There were so many times when we were out and about that she would sneak off. One minute she was by our side the next she was yards away chasing bunnies. She had a finesse about her that made her silent. You would start looking around for her and then all the sudden she would appear from around the corner looking at you like “what?” Lets not forget the 11 day walk-a-bout she took that one fall. Mysterious I tell you.

You couldn’t ask for a better dog with the kids. At my parents house she would lay there while all the grandchildren groped at her. Ellie and Adah had a strong bond. Adah always let Ellie lay by her pet her and sometimes pull her or direct her. Adah wasn’t so tolerant with Owen, but Owen wasn’t as gentle as Ellie. She did have a habit of sympathizing with Owen when he cried though. Howling right along with him when ever he started up.

We will never find another dog like her she was definitely a one of a kind.  How lucky am I that she found our camp and came down the hill to go home with me.


  1. Bada

    Oh Danette, I am sure Adah is honored by your loving words. You described her perfectly. Adah certainly was a cherished gift. We all are very lucky to have known her. To know Adah is to love her.

  2. Jen Coon

    She was a beauty, and a lucky one to be a part of your family!

  3. Laurie

    Oh, Danette. I am in tears. I miss her too. She truly was one of a kind. She made me feel loved whenever I was in her presence. All of those pictures are so wonderful. Especially the ones of Ellie and Adah on the floor. You should print those out and hang them in Ellie’s room. She was a good friend.

  4. Tamara

    Beautifully written Danette! Adah definetly was everything you described her as being! I love the photos you posted of her and Ellie! Isn’t it nice that you have things like that to keep her Adah’s memory alive! What an amazing friend.

  5. Sarah

    Adah was so beautiful in every way. A great friend to all- Tayen’s best buddy and hunting partner. You made me all teary Danette, I loved Adah too and will miss her always. She was such a sweetheart, a protector, a sherpa, and companion. But one thing is for sure, no bunny is safe in Heaven! 😉

  6. Leslie

    I’m so glad you wrote this! I hope it was cathartic. She was such a beauty!! If we ever get a dog I would hope for the temperament of Adah when she is with the kids, you always felt they were safe in her presence.

  7. sherrie

    That is a very beautifully written ode to Adah. We loved her to! Remember the burr incedent the first time she was grandog sat! Oh my! We miss her now and she will always be remembered fondly. She was a one of a kind for sure, it was fun to watch all the grandkids become her friend. I remember so how she was Ellies protector when she was born and even as she grew, that is what made her so special!

  8. Bada

    She was the best!


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