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It’s Begining to Look a lot Like Christmas


We had a week full of fun Christmas activities including a train ride on the “Polar Express“, Gingerbread Houses, and getting our Christmas tree. It was a busy but very fun week.

First up the Heber Valley Railroad provides a nice little Polar Express ride during the holidays. We enjoyed Hot Chocolate and cookies, a reading of the Polar Express story, a beautiful moon light view, Christmas Carols, and Santa of course. Our neighbors joined us for the adventure. I’m really glad we did this Ellie and Zak were in awe. It was a good first interaction with Santa for Ellie. He was kind enough not to scare her too much and offered her a jingle bell. When he had to leave she kept saying “bye bye Santa”.

Next up we teamed up with our friends Jen and Zak to make Gingerbread Houses for the Midway Cottages for the Children Fundraiser. They came over Wednesday evening and we built our little gingerbread neighborhood. Zak and Ellie helped for a little while but then decided playing and running around was more interesting. So it became a Mom project. It turned out pretty good. The next morning Ellie checked it out for a while with big eyes naming all the gingerbread animals we scattered around the cottages.

Finally, on Thursday we picked up our Christmas tree. We were particularly excited because it is our first little family Christmas Tree. Getting a tree and decorating it was one of the little events I was really looking forward to this year. I did missed decorating the tree Marcoccia style late into the night with the scratchy old record player. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough ornaments or lights for it but it turned out just right thanks to what we have collected over the years from family and friends. Ellie got right into it hanging up bells and ornament, enjoying hot chocolate, and dancing to the Christmas music. It was a good night in our wee little home.



  1. Sara

    You’ve just got to love the holidays! I’ve wanted to do the Polar Express… And, Danette, you’re looking so cute and pregnant!! I hope you’re feeling well. Oh, and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, in a few days!!!

  2. grandma mckenney

    No wonder you have a cold you guys were busy having so much fun!!! I love it and all its magic! Ellen will be SOOO fun this year!

  3. grandma mckenney

    P.S. LOVE THE PICS W/ HER LITTLE FRIEND! You better watch out they grow up!

  4. Angie

    Looks like you are into the holiday season. I love the Polar Express. We went a few years ago, and were on the first Polar Express to break down! It was still tons of fun! Are you up for a birthday get together?

  5. Leslie

    How fun! I love the close up of the ornaments, 80’s style Danette, classic! I love the idea of the Polar Express, someday I would love to take my kids to do that, but by the time that happens they might be over it. We are heading out tonight to find our tree!! Hope we have as good of luck as you! Cute belly!


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